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            Location & Hours

                The Circulation Department is located in Building 38, Library Resource Center, Room 108
                Hours of Operation: Sunday through Saturday 7:30AM to 12:00AM


                 Teri Mojgani, Librarian, Head of Circulation Services

                 Patricia Coston, Library Associate - Resource Sharing (ILL)

            General Policies

                The Circulation/Reserve Department handles all check-out services for the circulating library books and faculty reserves. The circulating books are
                housed on the third floor and all other reserves are located on the first floor at the Circulation/Reserve Desk.

                All Circulation/Reserve services end 15 minutes before closing. Our staff is dedicated to provide helpful and friendly services to the patrons.

                Xavier faculty, staff, and students can check out a maximum of ten books at a time or you can have no more than 10 books check out on your account
                at each transaction. All others, such as LALINC patrons, can check out a maximum of three books each time or a maximum of three on your account.
                A borrower is responsible for all materials that are checked out on his/her account. Fines will apply to patrons' record when the semester ends.

                To request services or for additional information about circulation and reserves, please contact Teri Mojgani, Circulation Librarian 504-520-7311,
                504-520-5463 or cmojgani@xula.edu.

            Patron Types

                Xavier Patrons - Patrons must have a valid Xavier University Identification Card. No Exceptions.

                Loyola Patrons - Xavier University has an agreement with Loyola University to have reciprocal borrowing privileges. A Loyola/Xavier patron must
                have a University Identification Card with a valid sticker for the current semester.

                LALINC Patrons - Xavier University is part of the consortium of University Libraries in the State who share borrowing privileges. A LALINC Patron
                must have a valid University Identification Card and a LALINC Card for the current semester issued by his home library. LALINC Cards are issued
                to graduate students, faculty, and staff. Xavier University LALINC Cards are issued at the Reference Desk, located on the first floor of the library.

            Loan Periods

                Undergraduate/Graduate Student - 21 days
                Faculty/Staff - 90 days
                LALINC - 14 days
                Other - 14 days

            Returning Materials

                Books should be returned on or before due date to avoid overdue fines. All books are returned to the circulation desk or to the book drop (located
                outside the front doors of the library). We encourage patrons to return overnight items to the circulation desk. We advise you stay at the desk
                until your book(s) have been checked in by a library staff member. Do not leave book(s) on the counter or with the Library Monitor, you are
                responsible for the book(s) until they are checked in.

                Books may be returned to the book drop outside the library doors. However, we highly recommend that you bring the books to the circulation desk
                to get a receipt. A receipt is your proof that you have returned the library material. When the library is closed you may return library material to
                the book drop. If the bin is full do not leave books on the ground, bench, or garbage cans. You may return the books on the next business
                day. The book drop will be emptied every morning during library hours. Books are checked in at that time and any overdue books will have late
                fees applied. Be mindful of this when returning overdue books.

            Overdue Books/Fees

                When Loyola/LALINC sends notification of any overdue books or library fines accrued by our patrons, we will also send you a notice. If we are not
                contacted within (5) five working days from the date of our notice, the fees and a $10.00 non refundable processing fee will be assessed to the
                student’s account or;

                • In the case of a faculty member, a letter will be sent to the department chairperson.
                • In the case of a staff member, a letter will be sent to the immediate supervisor.
                • When we are presented with a “Letter of Clearance” from the reporting library we will clear all fees assessed to the patron record.

Material Loan Period Fines per Book
Books 3 weeks $.25 per day
2-hour Reserve 2 hours $1.00 per hour
Overnight 24 hours $2.00 per hour
3-day Reserve 3 days $2.00 per hour
7-day Reserve 7 days $2.00 per hour

                **Fine maximum is $20.00; $20.00 will be charged for all checks returned NSF

                The borrower is responsible for the return of all library books checked out on or before the due date on the receipt. Receipts are given
                after each transaction. Fines are assessed on the day after the due date at the rate of $.25 a day, (maximum fine is $20.00 per item). We
                 recommend you remain at the Circulation Desk to make sure all of your books are checked in or returned. You will be charged the accrued late
                fee for books found in the library stacks that are still charged to you.

                Books that are not returned after 30 days are considered lost, and replacement cost and a non-refundable processing fee of $20.00 as well as
                the late fees will be assessed. Library Records must be cleared before final examination. Graduating Seniors are expected to verify clearance
                before Roll Call. Faculty and Staff who are terminating their services from the University are expected to clear their records.

                Please Note: Overdue notices are sent as a courtesy. Failing to receive an overdue notice does not
                relieve you of your responsibility for said fine. Charges for overdue books and lost items will be
                assessed to your student account (Banner) after 30 days.


                Books to be renewed must be presented at the Circulation Desk at the time of renewal; overdue books are renewable and overdue fines must
                be paid at time of renewal, unless a hold has been placed on the item.

            Course Reserve Policy

                Library Reserves provide faculty with an opportunity to make supplementary course materials available to students. Course Reserves, located
                in the Circulation area on the main floor of the Library Resource Center, houses materials requested by teaching faculty for use by students in
                specific courses. These materials can be Library books, instructor-owned materials, photocopies, etc., placed on reserve for a limited loan
                period by the requesting faculty.

                Xavier faculty may submit requests electronically using the online course reserve form, in person, by mail, or by e-mail.

                • All materials placed on reserve will be at the initiative of faculty solely for non-commercial, educational use by XULA students.
                • Material will only be made available for the semester the class is being taught.
                • There will be no charge for access to Reserve materials; the charge for copies made by students will be limited to the nominal costs of
                  photocopies or computer print-outs.
                • Maximum of three copies per article. Exception - If you have more than one class using the same article you may submit 5 copies.
                  Circulation Department personnel will determine if the additional copies are needed by the volume of requests.
                • At the end of each semester, all Reserve materials must be removed. Library materials are returned to the collection and photocopied
                  materials and personal copies are to be picked up or returned to the professor. No books or articles can be placed on reserve for an indefinite period.
                • The University Library reserves the right to accept or refuse material to be placed on reserve.

            Processing Reserve Materials

                Faculty members are responsible for gathering and submitting books or articles to be placed on Reserve. We request Reserve material be
                submitted five (5) working days in advance. This allows adequate time for processing. (Please do not expect articles to be on reserve at
                10:00 AM if they are submitted at 8:00 AM the same day). Reserve has a first in, first out processing policy. Reserve Forms must be completed for
                all books and articles(s). (Note: Please write on the Reserve Form the same title you give your students. This eliminates confusion at the
                Reserve Desk). If you have a rare or one of a kind article or book, we recommend you place a photocopy on Reserve.

            Cirulation Time

                Strict Closed Reserve cannot leave the library and there is a 30 minute time limit. Reserve time is usually placed on Modules, Exams, or any
                articles/books that have heavy usage.

                Closed Reserve cannot leave the library and there is a 2 hour time limit.

                Overnight Reserve – may be checked out at 4:00 PM and returned by 9:00 AM the next day.

                3-day Reserve returned after 3 days.

                7-day Reserve returned after 7 days.

            Copyright Statement

                It is the policy of the Xavier University Library Resource Center to follow the fair use provisions of the Copyright Law (contained in
                Title 17 of the U.S. Code). Specifically, the Xavier University Course Reserves Policy is guided by the permissions granted within Section 107 of the
                Copyright Law with respect to making copies for educational purposes. In essence, the law states that making multiple copies for classroom use
                is not considered a copyright infringement. The Xavier University Library will routinely monitor the effectiveness of this policy and make every
                effort to ensure that library services are in compliance with Copyright law.

            Theft and Mutilation of Library Materials

                Anyone caught stealing and/or mutilating library materials will be subject to the following: The incident will be reported to Dean of Student
                Services for possible disciplinary action.

            Copy Center

                The Copy Center is located on the first floor of the Library behind the Journals on display. Copies are $.05 with your Xavier Identification
                Card and $.10 without your Xavier Identification Card.

            Privacy of All Library Users

                Xavier University Library protects the privacy of all library users. The Library Staff will not give any patron information to a second party.

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