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            Accession Records



                American Association of Higher Education Black Caucus Papers
                Ables, Desmond Collection
                Adams, Richard P. Collection
                Africa and Arabia Collection
                African American Bibliography Collection
                African American and Europe Conference Collection
                African Americans in Warfare Collection
                African Americans and the Roman Catholic Church Collection
                African American Writers Collection
                Afro-American Dealers Collection
                Ahern, John Collection
                Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Collection
                Amistad Research Center Collection
                Anglin, John Papers
                Arts Collection
                Aubert, Alvin Papers
                Audubon Arts Center Collection

                B - TOP

                Backlash Papers
                Barès, Basil, Collection
                Barton, Frederick Papers
                Bedou, Arthur P. Photographs Collection
                Bezou, Henry, Monsignor Papers
                Blanchet, Osceol, Papers
                Bonner, Thomas, Dr. Collection
                Bouise, Oscar Papers
                Bowman, Thea Collection
                Brooks, Cleanth, Collection of Faulkner Studies
                Brosman, Catherine Savage Collection
                Burke, James Lee Collection
                Bush, Robert Collection

                C - TOP

                Cahn, Dorethea Schlesinger Collection
                Cahn, Gladys Dena Freeman Collection
                Carmichael, J. W. McGraw Prize Collection
                Carnival Collection
                Catholic Church and the Negro Pamphlets Collection
                Catholic Church, Archdiocese of New Orleans, and the South Collection
                Christian, Ollie, Civil Rights Collection
                Civil Rights Organizations Publications Collection
                Clay, Janice Collection
                Coalition for Action of New Orleans Collection
                Cohen, Joseph Collection
                Colbert, James Papers
                College Language Association Meeting Collection
                “Creole Controversy” Collection
                Creole Fiesta Collection
                Culver, Leo Collection

                D - TOP

                DeNoux, O’Neil Papers
                Desdunes Family Collection
                Desire Streetcar Project Collection
                Dixie Dateline Collection
                Dixon, Richard Collection
                Dorest, Raymond and Thelma Collection
                Drexel, Saint Katharine Collection
                Dubus, Andre Collection
                DuFossari Landry Collection
                Duke, David Collection

                E - TOP

                Eastman, George L. Collection
                Ellis, Marvin Collection

                F - TOP

                Fields, Robert R. Collection
                First Methodist Church of New Orleans Collection
                Fisher, Robert B. Collection
                French Colonial Africa Photographs Collection
                Friedmann, Patty Collection

                G - TOP

                Godfrey, Glen Papers
                Gottschalk, Louis Moreau Collection
                Gramlich, Charles Papers
                Graves, Charles Leonidas Papers
                Grue, Lee Meitzen Collection

                H - TOP

                Hale, Rosalind P. Collection
                Historically Black Colleges & Universities Collection
                Heartman, Charles Collection
                Hewitt, Mary Collection
                Himes, Chester Collection
                Human Relations Committee City of New Orleans Collection

                I - TOP

                I’ve Known Rivers Collection

                J - TOP

                Jackson, David J. Press Clippings Collection
                James, R. Lee Chorale Collection
                Johnson Family Papers
                Johnson, Kathryn M. Papers
                Josephites (Society of St. Joseph) Collection
                Jupiter, Clarence Collection
                Juvenile Cooperators Fraternal Benevolent Mutual Association Records

                K - TOP

                Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Collection
                Kaufman, Bob Collection
                Kein, Sybil Papers
                Keith, Don Lee Papers
                Keller, Rosa Papers
                Kennedy, P. J. & Sons, Galley Proofs Collection
                Kennedy, John F. Photographs Collection
                Keystone View Co. WWII Stereo Views Collection
                King, Martin Luther Collection
                Kunkel, Paul Papers

                L - TOP

                Labat, Victor Collection
                Lane, Sister Vera Collection
                Latimer, Helen Talbot Papers
                Lee, Silas Collection
                Louisiana Aquifers Map Collection
                Louisiana Medallion Society Collection
                Louisiana Tourism Collection
                Louisiana Writers Collection
                Lynch Family Photographs Collection
                Lynch, Sister Patricia Papers

                M - TOP

                Maddox, William Stuckey Collection
                Malone, Robert Papers
                Manifest of Slaves Collection
                Maple Street Book Store Collection
                McDonald, Edward Collection
                Medal Collection
                Melcher, Dr. Joseph Collection
                Miller, R. Baxter Papers
                Morial, Walter Collection
                Morrell Family Papers

                N - TOP

                N. A. A.C. P. Collection
                National Catholic Conference for Interracial Justice Collection
                Neely, Sister Laurana Collection
                Negro Education Conference Publication Collection
                Negro Education Publications: Federal Education Agencies Collection
                Negro Education Pamphlet Collection
                New Laurel Review Collection
                New Orleans Black Benevolent Associations Collection
                New Orleans Black Chorale Collection
                New Orleans Daily Picayune and New Orleans Crusader Photocopies Collection
                New Orleans Jazz Study Collection
                New Orleans Music Collection
                New Orleans Poetry Forum Papers
                New Orleans Police Department Collection
                New Orleans Public Library Collection
                New Orleans Restaurants Collection
                New Orleans Review Collection
                Newspaper Association of America Records
                New Voices Collection
                Nineteenth Century Ephemera Collection
                Ninth Ward Citizens Voters League Records

                O - TOP

                Obalates of Providence Collection
                Occupational Opportunities Monographs Collection

                P - TOP

                Page, Lewis W. Papers
                Patio, Charles Papers
                Pecoul, John Papers
                Percy, Walker Collection
                Perkins, Joyce Newspaper Clippings Collection
                Peterson, Thomas Mundy Medal Collection
                Political Ephemera Collection
                Pope Benedict XVI Collection
                Pope John Paul II Collection
                Postage Stamp Collection

                R - TOP

                Religious Jubilee Collection
                Rhodes Family Collection
                Ricks, Dr. Joseph Collection
                Riggs, Sister Mary Francis Papers
                Riggs, Sister Valerie Papers
                Rousseau, John Collection
                Rousseve, Charles Collection
                Rousseve, Ferdinand L. Papers

                S - TOP

                Salis, James Papers
                “Satchmo in New Orleans,” WYES TV Collection
                Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament (S.B.S.) Collection
                Scott, John Interview
                Shaik, Fatima Papers
                Shiver, William S. Papers
                Shuman, Malcolm K. Papers
                Sisson, Sister Elise Collections
                Sisters of the Holy Family Collection
                Skinner, Robert A. Collection
                Slavery and Freedom in Louisiana Collection
                Smith, F. Todd Papers
                Smith, Hale Collection
                Smith, Julie Papers
                Smith, Sister Roberta Collection
                Soule College Pamphlets Collection
                Southern American Studies Association Collection, Biennial Meeting, 1993
                Southern Education Foundation Collection
                Southern Regional Council Papers
                Spencer, Joseph Collection
                St. Louis Cathedral Sacramental Records
                St. Malo Research Material Collection

                T - TOP

                Taney, Rita M. Papers
                Treasury Department War Bonds Literary Collection

                U - TOP

                United Negro College Fund (U. N. C.F.) Collection
                United Teachers of New Orleans Records
                University of New Orleans Caucus of Black Faculty and Staff Collection
                United States Public Health Service Collection

                V - TOP

                Varsity Quiz Bowl Collection

                W - TOP

                Warfield, William Collection
                Whitaker, Mark Collection
                White, Michael Collection
                Williams, Edna St. Cyr Collection
                Wilson, Gordon A. Collection
                Wiltz, Chris Collection
                Workshop Way Collection
                Wright, Richard Collection

                X - TOP

                Xavier Prep Records
                Xavier Review and Xavier Review Press Records
                Xavier University Archives Photographs Collection

                Y - TOP

                Young Men’s Business Club (Y. M. B. C.) Records
                Young, Roscoe C. Papers

                Z - TOP

                Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Papers

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