Peer Dean Association

The Xavier University Peer Dean Association is a group of students who serve in many capacities through the academic year.  A major responsibility for Peer Dean Association members is serving as Peer Deans (orientation leaders) during the New Student Orientation Program.  Peer Deans gain valuable experiences in leadership, service, communication, team building, and problem solving, as members of Peer Dean Association.  Beyond orientation, the Peer Dean Association also sponsors several programs through the year that are targeted at meeting the needs of new students. 

Peer Dean Planning Committee
The Peer Dean Planning Committee (PDPC) serves at the Executive Council for the Peer Dean Association.  As members of PDPC, students get the opportunity to expand their leadership capabilities by working directly with full time staff to plan and implement an effective and fun-filled orientation program. 

2013-2014 PDPC Members
Ivyanne London, Student Director
Obinna Oko, Orientation Specialist
Brittany Russell, Orientation Specialist
Taylor Thibeaux, Student Coordinator, Community Plunge
Kaleb Murray, Student Coordinator, Public Relations & Registration
Katerra Williams, Student Coordinator, Public Relations & Registration
Jordan Powell, Student Coordinator, Business Recruitment & Marketing
Clarence Pace, III, Student Coordinator, Business Recruitment & Marketing
Corey Arnold, Senior Logistics Coordinator
Brionee Broussard, Logistics Coordinator
Quentin Guillory, Logistics Coordinator
Marcus Moses, Logistics Coordinator
Treyc Terry, Logistics Coordinator

How to get involved!!

Students desire to become members of Peer Dean Association for a number of reasons.  As the premier student hosting organization at Xavier University, Peer Deans are the heart and soul of the new student transition experience! 

To apply for membership into Peer Dean Association, one must:

  1. Complete the Emergent Leaders workshops offered through the XU LEADS program;
  2. Become well acclimated with the Xavier University community and the programs and services offered by the institution;
  3. Be energetic and highly motivated to new student success;
  4. Attend the Peer Dean Association Interest Meeting (usually hosted every Spring); and
  5. Meet all academic and related qualifications for membership.

Membership for the 2013-2014 academic year will open in Spring 2013.  Interested students should  begin preparing themselves as early as Fall 2012 to meet all stated qualifications. 

Opportunities to enroll in and complete the Emergent Leaders program are already underway for Fall 2012.  If you are interested in the program, please visit us in the Center for Student Leadership & Service, UC 316!

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