Department of Languages

Webcape Placement Test

Placement Test:
Passoword: Gold 1

If you have taken at least two years of either French or Spanish in high school, you are required to take the WebCAPE Language Placement Test that will assist us in placing you in the appropriate language class.  In addition to the courses required by the new XU Core Curriculum, you will have many opportunities to take elective courses that allow you maximum flexibility in designing your college experience to be enriching and satisfactory.  Language study will enhance this experience and provide you with a real preparation “to assume roles of leadership and service in a global society.”

This test will provide you with the opportunity to place into the level of language proficiency most appropriate for you, and upon successful completion of that course, you will also receive credit for the course immediately preceding the one that you have completed.  (We encourage you to review the Language Placement Policy at Language Placement at Xavier before taking the placement test.)

The Xavier Language Placement test uses WebCAPE, an online test developed by the Humanities Research Center at Brigham Young University.  It should take you about 30 minutes to complete the test.  Please note that the results of this test will be used for course placement and you may not use any form of outside assistance.

When you are ready to begin the test, you should click on the link below:

The required password that you must enter is gold1.  (Don’t type the period.)  Then you should choose your language, follow the prompts, and begin.  The test will stop you when you reach your level of proficiency.  Keep a copy of the scores on your results page and send it to or if you would like to have us advise you as to your placement results immediately.  Your scores will be provided to the Admissions Office and to your advisor as well.