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Milton M. Martínez:
Milton M. Martínez is an adjunct instructor of Spanish in the department of languages at Xavier University of Louisiana.  He was a professor of Spanish for 18 years in Camaguey, Cuba, and for 10 years in The United States of America.  He also occupied positions in the provincial level of education, like Provincial Technical Advisor of Spanish Methology in Camagüey, Cuba.  He graduated in the "Pedagógico Básico" (1968) and later he continued his studies in the Instituto Pedagógico Superior "José Martí" (1979).  He obtained his Masters degree in Teaching Spanish at New Mexico State University (1995).  He has written five novels, and published four,  and several essays in the areas of literary criticism, methodology,  and linguistics.  In the year 2001, he was invited to a international writers conference in Cadiz, Spain (in November) to talk about  his fifth novel Domingo, el abuelo astral.   At the present moment he is working in his sixth novel  (Las puertas del Arallu).  If you want to know more about him and read some of his works,  visit his personal webpage.

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