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International Experiences

STORIES: Faith Jones | Jamonica Jackson | Shavondria Jackson

Faith Jones:

My experience in Costa Rica was beyond amazing. From the culture to the people and the atmosphere, Costa Rica is a place I would not hesitate to return. Initially I will admit I was fearful of a new environment, especially in another country, but once I landed in San Jose, my fears were alleviated. Each day in Costa Rica was a new chance to truly indulge in a new atmosphere. I met people less fortunate than I who had more happiness than I could ever have. The attitudes of the locals or "ticos" are what I really enjoyed most. People were beyond friendly and welcoming to those of us new to their home. Secondly, taking the journey allowed me to truly strengthen my communication skills in Spanish. I can definitely see the change in the way I speak now in comparison to my former knowledge of the language. I personally encourage all of you to embark on such a journey, for the memories are endless. Travel and open yourselves to the world you have yet to explore, and you will never be disappointed.
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Jamonica Jackson:

Peru, a country rich with Incan history, customs, and beliefs, is a country I was honored to live in for six weeks. During the summer of 2014 I was involved in a program, Ecela. It offers many unique opportunities to study Spanish as well as immerse oneself within the history of Peru. While improving my Spanish and earning credits towards my degree, I also volunteered in health clinics in order to view a health care system different from that of the United States. The highlight of my travel aboard experience was meeting and traveling with 22 unique and individual pre-medical students. I suggest and encourage you to travel abroad and study a language different from your natural language. Traveling aboard is an experience unlike any other and you never know what crazy, new, exhilarating things you may try. You may just climb a mountain!

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Shavondria Jackson:

I am very lucky to have such a wonderful opportunity to connect with new people, explore a new culture, and travel as I study in San Juan. I recently took an excursion to the historical city of Ponce. I also visited Parque de las Cavernas del Río Camuy. There is so much natural beauty to explore here in Puerto Rico. I look forward to more excursions this semester. I expect to gain much experience as I prepare for a future as a professional. This semester has been a phenomenal chance to grow spiritually, artistically, educationally, culturally, professionally, and individually.

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