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Ms. Giti Farudi:
Ms. Farudi joined the department in 2010, after having held faculty positions in the Spanish departments at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock, El Camino College in Santa Monica, CA, and West Virginia University.  She has taught Sapnish 1010 and 1020, both online and in the classroom at Xavier. 

This past summer, Ms. Farudi led Xavier’s first ever faculty directed program abroad in Costa Rica; she supervised Xavier students during their month of study abroad in San José, Costa Rica, where she also taught Spanish 1090, a conversation and culture class.  Students also had the opportunity to take Spanish for Health Professional at Veritas University.  Ms. Farudi is looking forward to participating in the planning and implementation of future summer study abroad programs, to which she is able to bring her own previous experience studying and living in Spain, Cuba, and Mexico.  She is planning a program in Spain for summer 2015.

Also among her notable accomplishments since coming to Xavier, she was the co-developer of Xavier Languages department’s online Spanish courses, and she taught the first online course offering in the summer 2013 term.  Ms. Farudi makes a significant contribution to the department in administrating and handling placement test procedures and policies for the students.  She has also served three summers as summer chair for the department of languages.  She serves on the global awareness committee and helps to organize an annual culture night in the fall semester.  She has participated in a course portfolio working group and is currently completing a reading course portfolio working group.  She developed Xavier’s first online Spanish courses and teaches both the 1010 and 1020 levels.

Ms. Farudi’s diverse teaching experience--which also includes teaching advanced Spanish to middle school and high school students in private preparatory schools in Virginia and California and in the Co-op Upward Bound Program, an intensive six week course of Spanish study for underprivileged students in California—have helped to shape her teaching philosophy, which involves full immersion in the target language and intensive course work coupled with encouraging each student’s progress through careful monitoring on an individual basis.  Ms. Farudi values tremendously the opportunity to work with Xavier’s students and to contribute to their future success by introducing them to the many benefits of second language learning. 

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