Department of Languages

Double Major for Languages and any Other Discipline

The Department of Languages recommends the following course of study for any students who wish to double major in Languages and any other discipline.   


A double major in languages and any other discipline must meet the following requirements:

  • Language Majors and Minors MUST have a Language Adviser;
  • 30 hours in languages above the 1010-1020 level;
  • 4 literature courses, two of which are mandatory, one in Peninsular and one in Spanish American literature;
  • Senior Comps in the target language
  • All other Lang. Dept. course requirements are compliant with the basic liberal arts educational and core course requirements at Xavier.
  • one language course each semester, and two courses when possible, especially if not studying abroad;
  • one summer (or semester if possible and desirable) study abroad  session in the target language country to earn a  minimum of 6 hours credit;

Freshman  Year: Language 2010-2020 [Or other course in keeping with Language Placement]

Freshman  Summer:  Study Abroad [preferably for 6-8 weeks; minimum six hours credit]

Sophomore  Year: Advanced Grammar [3001 or 3002]  AND Literature course

Junior  Year: Literature  Course  AND  Literature or other course

Senior Year: Literature Course  AND  Literature or other course

Senior  Comps