Instructional Media Department - Services
Instructional Media Services
Services Provided by IMS
1. A well-equipped Individualized Learning Lab where faculty may place learning materials (i.e., video and audio tapes, DVDs, CD-ROMS, and other media) on reserve for student use
2. Assistance in selecting and locating audio/visual materials
3. Assistance in selecting and maintaining audio/visual equipment
4. Photography:
  • Assistance with Digital: still, video,
  • Video Editing, Audeo Editing and sweeting
5. Graphics (e.g. still pictures, drawings-including sketches and diagrams, charts, graphs, posters, and cartoons)--limted design and production services including:
  • Digitizing (scanning) of materials,
  • Color printing of documents, including print and photos

6. Audio and video tape duplication, as appropriate within copyright law

7. Video Conferencing available for small groups  
8. Classroom Instructional Media Support in the Library's four Technology Enhanced Instruction (TEI) rooms.
  • Video Cassette Recorder (VCR)
  • Digital Versatile Disc (DVD)
  • Overhead Projection (OHP)
  • 16mm Film Projection
  • Digital (computer) projection
  • 35mm Slide projection
  • Cassette Tape, Phonograph Record, CD Audio Playback

To adequately serve all sectors of the University, TEI rooms are reserved for individual classes only. If you need instructional media in each class for the entire semester, please let the University Registrar know when your class is assigned a classroom.

To request an Instructional MediaClassroom; you may make a reservation via the IMS web page by filling out the online form.


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