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MISSION: The mission of IMS is to facilitate instruction, communications, and decision-making by providing a one-stop-shop for media services to faculty, their students, and the administration. The Instructional Media Services Center’s primary means for providing faculty support is through its four Technology-Enhanced-Instruction (TEI) rooms located on the 4th floor of the University Library. The staff is working hard to expand the capabilities of these rooms in order to better meet the needs of Xavier University’s faculty and students. Also available is an individualized-learning carrel room where students (or faculty) may view and hear a variety of media. The Center houses video and audio holdings for faculty and student use. A wide variety of visual imagining equipment is available for faculty check-out. The center also has a dedicated staff to assist faculty in room and equipment reservations, room set-up, equipment operation, instructional design, production of visual images and audio, and many other services.

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