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SIGN OF THE TIMES: (L-R) Incoming freshman Kierstein Williams and mom Kimberly Williams strike a pose in front of the looming digital advertising billboard fronting I-10 that welcomes all newcomers to the campus for the New Student Orientation program and the start of their college experience.

AT YOUR SERVICE: Enthusiastic Peer Deans - a.k.a "XU-Hauls" - offer their brawn and collective knowledge of the XU college scene to incoming freshman and their families as they check into their respective residence halls prior to the start of New Student Orientation activities.

MAN-TO-MAN: Vice President for Student Services Joseph Byrd addresses incoming freshman males during the "Brother to Brother" talk, an annual special New Student Orientation event designed to engage students in college life conversations with the male staff, faculty, and Peer Deans.

STORMING THE CASTLE: A scene reminiscent of the storming of a medieval castle is in reality just new freshman students meeting up with members of their various flag groups before proceeding to their next scheduled New Student Orientation activity.

THE RIGHT FIT: Enthusiastic members of Xavier's new incoming Freshman class - (L-R) Colby Williams, Jailesci Williamson, Jeremiah Wright-Graham, Keturah Crease, and Kaitlyn Cayette - proudly display their new Class of 2018 baseball caps for the first time following the annual "capping" ceremony, a watershed moment during the University's week-long New Student Orientation program.

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