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Course Descriptions

The faculty of the department of history have a wide range of teaching specialties and areas of research interests, spanning across geography (Africa, Latin America, Europe, the United States), time (Ancient, Medieval, Early Modern, Modern), and theme (popular culture, gender, race and civil rights, electoral politics, medicine, language). The offerings change from semester to semester. For descriptions of course offerings, see the University Catalog.

Some examples of courses offered by our faculty in the past are:
  • Slavery and Servitude in World History (HIST 1800)
  • Human Rights in World History (HIST 1810)
  • Gandhi and King: Nonviolent Philosophy of Conflict Resolution (HIST 3050)
  • Latin America in the Cold War (HIST 3000)
  • Caribbean History and Roots: Food, Music, and Festival Culture in the Circum-Caribbean (HIST 3010)
  • Revolutions in Modern History (HIST 3830)
  • History of Popular Culture in Africa (HIST 3610)



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