Master of Arts ProgramS

The graduate course work for the Master’s degree in Educational Leadership, Counseling, and Curriculum and Instruction are offered in the Division of Education and Counseling.  Areas of specialization are listed below. In addition, endorsements are offered for Reading Specialist, Educational Technology Facilitator, Teacher Leader, Special Education, and Elementary Mathematics Specialist.  All graduate courses are offered in the evenings with some online coursework required.  Tuition assistance is offered for some programs.

M.A. Educational Leadership – This advanced level program provides kindergarten to grade 12 perspectives of educational issues that impact teaching and learning. It is designed to prepare educators to be leaders as teachers, principals, and central office administrators. The program meets current Louisiana state leadership certification or an advance degree, only. To complete the certification process the applicant must pass the state licensure examination, hold a valid teacher certificate and have evidence of three successful years of teaching.

M.A. Curriculum and Instruction

  • Reading Specialist – This advanced level program is designed to prepare the high qualified, certified classroom teacher with the skills necessary to effectively teach reading in grades K-12. This program meets current Louisiana state requirements for coursework leading to add-on certification as a Reading Specialist.
  • Special Interest – These programs are designed to prepare candidates to work in schools and other educational settings. Teachers who are already certified may qualify for an add-on endorsement in instructional technology or teacher leader upon completion of the specific M.A. program of study.
    • Mathematics
    • Teacher Leader
    • Instructional Technology

M.A. Counseling – The Counseling Program offers two specialty areas: School Counseling and Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Both specializations meet the academic requirements of Louisiana Professional Counselors Board of Examiners leading to licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). The school counseling specialization meets the State of Louisiana Administrative Code Section 405 requirements for a three-year school counselor K-12 ancillary certificate; upon verification of three years of successful experience as a school counselor, this certificate becomes valid for life of continues service.

Add-On Certification Programs

Reading Specialist – Candidates must have a valid teaching certificate at the
Master’s-degree level and complete the following twelve credit hours of coursework.
EDCI 5130 Foundations of Reading
EDCI 5170 Diagnostic and Prescriptive Reading
EDCI 5200 Practicum in the Reading
EDCI 5140 Reading in the Content Area

Educational Technology Facilitator – Candidates must have a valid teaching certificate at the bachelor’s level and complete the following 9 credit hours or coursework:
EDCG 5500 Instructional Technology
EDCG 5600 Advanced Instructional Technology
EDCG 5700 Technology Leadership in Schools

Teacher Leader – Candidates must have a valid teaching certificate at the bachelor’s level and complete the following 8 credit hours of coursework.
EDAD 5555    Visionary Leadership
EDAD 5555I   Visionary Leadership Internship
EDAD 5030    Collaborative Leadership
EDAD 5030I   Collaborative Leadership Internship

Elementary Mathematics Specialist – This add-on is valid for serving as an instructional coach in Mathematics in grades PK-6. Candidates must have a valid teaching certificate at the bachelor’s level, three years of successful teaching experience, and complete the following 21 credit hours of coursework.
GMAT   5040  Elementary Analysis I
GMAT   5045  Theoretical Foundation of Mathematics for Teachers
GMAT   5900  Foundations of Geometry
EDCG    5000  Statistics
EDCI     5282   Survey of Assessment
EDAD   5555   Visionary Leadership
EDADI  5555I  Visionary Leadership Internship
EDAD   5020    Supervision and Instruction and Assessment
EDADI  5020I   Supervision and Instruction and Assessment Internship

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