Office of Student Financial Aid

Conditions Affecting Eligibility

All financial aid recipients will be required to repay a percentage of funds disbursed if they officially withdraw from college or stop attending all classes before 60 percent of the term has been completed. Financial aid funds will be terminated if a student failed to make Satisfactory Academic Progress. Corrections made to your Student Aid Report (SAR) can cause changes in award amounts. Awards are based on your current or estimated enrolled hours. Dropping or withdrawing can cause your financial aid to be adjusted or canceled.

Credit Hours


12 credits or more    

Full-time status

9-11 credits

¾ time status

6-8 credits

½ time status

1-5 credits

 Less than ½ time status

Any change in your enrollment status, college, scholarships must be reported immediately to the Registrar. Also, all scholarships provided by outside agencies must be reported to the Office of Financial Aid and may affect your financial aid award.