Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Requested Services

How does my Office or Department make changes to our webpage?
See the ITC Helpdesk Guide Webpage.

How do I make a request to Physical Plant?
Make a request to Physical Plant for mechanical problems.

How do I make a request to ITC Help Desk?
The ITC Help Desk provides service during business hours.

How do I search the Library Catalog?
The Library website has instructions to its services, hours, and staff.

Why can't I login?
Contact ITC Help Desk if you have tried you password and it fails.

When will service be restored?
Occasionally service of a Xavier Network service, such as Banner, Webmail, or Kronos may be temporarily not available. ITC tries to maintain 100% reliability, but asks that you retry after a short period of time and see if service has been restored. Important notices are posted to ITC Alerts.

If you then need to contact ITC Help Desk, please have important information such as Operating System, browser type, and period of unavailability.

Can our Office or Department make a request to the Office of Technology Administration?
Please contact Catherine Lewis on Institutional issues, Yamlak Tsega on Academic issues, and Brian Bowers on Web issues.

Please also see our Online Resources page.

Frequently Asked Questions