Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Current Students

What dates are on the Academic Calendar?
A variety of calendars are online.

What classes are available?
The Xavier University Catalog is online.

What classes are required for my major?
The Curriculum for every Department is organized by major.

What Events are offered at Xavier University?
Xavier University has an online Events calendar.

What online resources can I use?
Check our FAQ on Requesting a Service.

What are the official Xavier University Student Policies?
The Student Handbook is online.

Where do I go for Health issues and Emergencies?
Please visit the page for the Student Health Center.

How do I report an incident to Xavier Police?
Call Xavier Police immediately at x 7490 or 504/520-7490. They also have information on Safety at Xavier University. Visit the University Police online for information on statistics and safety.

What is my Financial Aid status?
Please check with the Financial Aid Office.

What Student Services have information online?
Information about Student Life , XU Banner Application , and Blackboard. Student Life has information on Campus Ministry, Student Health Services, Career Services, Leadership & Service, and Athletics.

How do I make a website?
Every Xavier Student gets an e-mail account and a webusers account for your personal use. Information Technology Center has put up a Help Desk to serve as a resource for you in creating a website.

Frequently Asked Questions