Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Computer Problems

Which browser is the right one?
For most Internet activities, any HTML browser in the Internet Explorer or Netscape family are adequate. Every browser has known inconsistencies with supporting HTML standards. This is why most computers come with a choice of browsers. It is sometimes difficult to tell if a problem is caused by a browser, software, or hardware, but usually it is best to try another browser before contacting ITC Help Desk. Here is a list of the latest browsers for Mac and PC:

Internet Explorer for Windows 6 - for Mac 5.2
Mozilla for Windows 1.7 - for Mac 8, 9 or X 1.7
Firefox for Windows (98, ME, NT, 2000, or XP) 1.0 or Mac (X.1 and later) 1.0
Camino for Mac OSX .8
Safari for MacOSX - 1.2

AOL - Not fully supported, may not be suitable for all XULA pages and services

How do I know if I have a virus, and what should I do?
Sometimes is not always apparent if your computer is infected with a virus. Virii spread most commonly through e-mail attachments and can damage and disable your PC. If your computer is XU property, it has been loaded with anti-virus software, and will notify you if it is infected.

Many students make use of a personal computer within the Xavier network. In this case, if there is no anti-virus software to protect your computer, ITC strongly recommends you make use of our new service. To provide anti-virus help for you computer visit the following instructions. Please note that instructions can only be accessed, and the virus definitions are only updated when used inside of the Xavier network.

Alternately, someone may notify you their computer is infected and either sent it to you, or received it from you. In this case you should contact ITC Help Desk. Always use caution opening any e-mail attachments from people you don't know and use common sense opening files from people you do know.

Can somebody stop this spam?
Stopping spam, unwanted e-mail messages, is very difficult. Start by reviewing the Privacy Policies of sites before you submit your e-mail address. Privacy Policies may change without notice, and you may end up on a list, which is sold through get rich quick schemes to the spammer. These messages frequently contain unsubscribe instructions, which rarely result in being removed from the list. Ironically, you may just be affirming that the e-mail address is active, and your spam may increase.

Xavier University has installed spam filtering and virus filtering to help alleviate the drain on your e-mail services. Eliminating spam is unrealistic without diligence and consistency.

How can I connect to Xavier University from home?
Xavier University offers free dial up service for Faculty, Staff, and Students. Instructions for Windows and Mac are available through the ITC webpages. Please note that the proper DNS settings are and

How do I configure my home computer or laptop?
ITC has instructions for configuration for Windows XP, 2000, and Mac OS 9. To set your Windows laptop for Network use will require a network card.

Who do I call for software?
Xavier University has multi user licenses for many popular software titles. If your computer does not contain software necessary for the regular function of your duties, your manager should begin the requisition procedure. A list of available software is on the ITC site.

What Windows issues should I be aware of?
On January 9, 2003, the DNS entry for dial-up has been changed to and

What Mac issues should I be aware of?
Network printing has been recognized as a problem in OSX. Please contact Help Desk for the latest instructions.

What wireless issues should I be aware of?
none available.

Why can I not login?
Please make sure you are using the correct user name and password.

Occasionally service of a Xavier Network service, such as Banner, Webmail, or Kronos may be temporarily not available. ITC tries to maintain 100% reliability, but asks that your retry after a short period of time and see if service has been restored.

Also probelms may be due to older browsers or operating systems. You should retry on a different computer (that meets our minimum system requirements) or browser (see above).

If you then need to contact ITC Help Desk, please have important information such as Operating System, browser type, and period of unavailability.

Frequently Asked Questions