Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Application Information

Why Xavier University?
Xavier University is an institution devoted to education and community. For more about the Mission, Academic Programs, and What They are saying About Xavier, surf the Admissions area.

How do I request information?
Information on Applications, Programs, and Costs of Xavier University can all be found in the Admissions area. For your convenience, XU has provided an online application. Be sure to fill out all the information, and include your full address.

Can I apply online?
The online application is the preferred method for students to apply to Xavier

All new students, and possibly returning students, transfer, and transient students, need to fill out these documents and mail them in to the Admissions Office.

What are the application fees for Xavier University?
The application fee is $25.

Is Financial Aid available for me?
Financial Aid is available for many of the students at Xavier, depending on many factors including need, scholarships, and grants. For more information, contact your school counselor or the Financial Aid office.

Can I set up a visit to Xavier University for my family and me?
Xavier University has provided these pages to help you plan your trip.

What about Housing?
Many answers to questions about housing are in this FAQ for new students and the Housing Department Page.

What kind of Student Activities are offered?
Xavier offers many Student Activities. Places to check would include Campus Activities,Campus Notices, Student Life, and Leadership & Service.

Frequently Asked Questions