Dr. Sara Al-Dahir

Sr. Donna Gould

English Department

Sr. Donna is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English of the Division of Fine Arts and Humanities. Sr. Donna is passionate about teaching. She bases her teaching methodology on how students learn best. She understands that each class has its own unique character and needs. She often meets with students individually to address issues associated with their compositions. One of Sr. Donna’s students wrote, “to call what Sr. Donna does for her students “teaching” is too simple a term to fully and accurately encompass her compassion, patience, and sincerity for the content she introduces in each lecture.”

Dr. Lisa Schulte-Gipson

Dr. Lisa Flanagan

Department of Communications Studies

Dr. Flanagan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication studies of the Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Dr. Flanagan provides to students the theories and concepts of her field in such a way that challenges them to test and extend these ideas into action. One of her students wrote, “Dr. Flanagan’s standards are not fixated on bullet points and processes. She meets her students where their interests and comforts begin, and then challenges them to expand.”


Dr. Maryam Foroozesh

Dr. Thomas Wiese

Division of Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Wiese is an Associate Professor in the Division of Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences – College of Pharmacy. Since 2007, Dr. Wiese has served as the Associate Director of the Louisiana Cancer Research Consortium which has provided grant funding for a number of faculty members in both the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Pharmacy. In addition, he contributed to the writing and implementation of Xavier’s Research Careers in Minority Institutions (RCMI) program through his co-direction of the cell molecular and bioinformatics core. In addition to his grant awards, Dr. Wiese has served on eight College of Pharmacy committees and nine university committees.

Dr. Maryam Foroozesh

Dr. Margarita Echeverri

Division of Clinical and Administrative Sciences

Dr. Echeverri is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Clinical and Administrative Sciences in the College of Pharmacy. Her service to the University since joining the faculty in 2010 has included membership on three university committees and six committees in the college. Her service beyond Xavier includes serving as founder and chair of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy’s (AACP) special interest group in health disparities and cultural competency and chair-elect of the AACP special interest group on minority faculty. She has also performed countless hours of service to the community.


Dr. Syreeta Tilghman

Dr. Biljana Obradovic

English Department

Dr. Obradovic is a Professor in the Department of English of the Division of Fine Arts and Humanities. She has published three books of poems with her poetry appearing in over thirty literary journals. In addition, her poems have been translated into Serbian, Italian, Arabic, Korean, and Hindi. Dr. Obradovic has translated six collections of poems into Serbian and has translated Serbian poems and short stories into English. She has presented papers, translations, and poetry at international conferences and has given over 130 poetry readings all over the U.S. and abroad.

Dr. David Lanoue

Dr. Richard Peters

Division of Business

Dr. Peters is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Business who has published eight papers since coming to Xavier in 2011. In addition, he has made six conference presentations and achieved the best paper award in both 2013 and 2014 at the Clute Institute International Academic Conference. His area of specialization is corporate social responsibility. He is interested in how businesses can make a positive impact on society.