Domestic Student Exchange Program

What Students Are Saying About Their Experience At Xavier
"Having the opportunity to study at Xavier University had various meanings for me personally. I wanted to attend an institution that made supporting pre-med students one of their top priorities; I wanted to feel academically supported in that way. I also hoped to not only experience college at an HBCU but to also experience life in a different region of the country. I received that and a bit more because there were small class sizes and truly genuine and approachable professors. Visiting the French Quarter and attending parades made my time there come to life. It was a great experience, I am happy I had the chance to attend such an institution and I would choose to do so again if I had to go back. My only regret is not taking my car in order to tour the area more freely."

- Codie-Anne Crew, New York University

For information on participating in the Xavier student exchange program and becoming a part of the Xavier family, please see your student exchange officer at your respective home institution:

Howard University
Wanda M. Jones, Consortium/Domestic Exchange Coordinator
Office of Enrollment Management/Records
2400 6th Street, NW; Suite 105

New York University
Maria A. Skouras, Assistant Director
Grants Management and Business Operations
Office of Faculty Resources
194 Mercer St., 4th Floor

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Cheryl Ajirotutu, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor
Global Inclusion and Engagement

Questions or for more information, contact Dr. Kenneth Boutte at or 504-520-5751.

Domestic Student Exchange Program