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The Writing Resource Center

Our purpose in the Writing Resource Center is collaboration with students to facilitate their engagement with the writing process--from brainstorming ideas to proofreading the final draft. By enlisting the students' active involvement in this process through individual conferences and useful writing handouts, we encourage them to understand their writing strenghts and weaknesses.

Using the approach of facilitator, we hope to avoid the "fix my paper" answers that may lead to well-written essays but leave students with little or no knowledge about their writing skills or how to improve them. Therefore, the Writing Resource Center staff's goal is to produce better writers who will compose well-developed, well-structured, coherent papers.

Our Services The following list includes some of the services provided by the Writing Resource Center:
  • One-on-one conferences focusing on general or specific areas of the writing process.
  • Assistance with personal statements for medical school, graduate school, internships, and scholarships.
  • Workshops on critical writing strategies.
For these or any other writing assistance, come to St. Joseph Student Academic and Health Center 106 or call 520-6282 to make an appointment.


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