Dr. Biljana D. Obradovic

Professor of English, Director, Xavier Literary Reading Series
Advisor, New Voices
Ph.D., University of Nebraska, Lincoln, 1995
M.F.A., Virginia Commonwealth University, 1991
B.A., University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 1987
Specialties: Creative Writing, Poetry, Translation (Serbian), Contemporary American Poetry, World Literature, Serbian Poetry, Playwriting, American Literature to 1900

Biljana D. Obradovic, a Serbian-American, has lived in Yugoslavia, Greece, and India besides the US. Her books of poems include Le Riche Monde, Frozen Embraces and Little Disruptions (2012). Her poems also appear in Three Poets in New Orleans. She is also a translator of John Gery's, American Ghost: Selected Poems (Cross-Cultural Communications, Merrick, NY, 1999), and editor and translator of the bilingual Fives: Fifty Poems by Serbian and American Poets, (Cross-Cultural Communications, Merrick, New York 2002). Her translation of US Poet Laureate, Stanley Kunitz's selected poems into Serbian, The Long Boat (Dugi camac) as well as a translation of Bratislav Milanovic's poems into English, entitled The Unnecessary Chronicle, appeared in Belgrade, Serbia in the fall 2007 and in the US through Mellon Press as Milanovic's poems apepared as Doors in a Meadow in 2011. In 2012 she also published a biligual translation of poems into Serbian by Patrizia De Rachewiltz's, Dear Friends/ Dragi Prijatelji.Forcoming are Serbian translations of collections of poems by Bruce Weigl and Nigerian-born poet, Niyi Osundare. Check her website for further details: personal website. Professor Obradovic may be contacted at: (504) 520-5155 or by e-mail at bobradov@xula.edu.