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When you choose YOUR university, don't get lost in the crowd...

"The English department is small, so it is a very close-knit department. You get to become like family to one another. The relationship that is developed with you and your counselor is a personal one."

—Dominique Thomas (XU English Major)

We offer a Bachelors of Arts degree in two programs: a full English major degree that prepares students for graduate school, law school, and many options for employment; and an English Education degree that leads to certification to teach English, grades 6-12.

  • A versatile degree. Our graduates have become teachers, college professors, lawyers, writers, publishers, and professionals in a variety of fields where good writing skills are needed.
  • A small, close-knit department. With a little over twenty majors, “You get to become like family to one another.” —Dominique Thomas, English major
  • The pre-med option. On average English majors score higher on the MCAT than science majors. Xavier leads the nation in placing African American students in medical school.
  • Write creatively or professionally. We offer minors in Creative Writing and Professional Writing. Several of our graduates have gone on to earn the MFA degree in Creative Writing.
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