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The Xavier University English Department Faculty is versatile, with specialists in American literature, African and Diaspora literature, British literature, composition and rhetoric, creative writing, comparative literature, critical theory, Caribbean literature, Irish literature, Japanese haiku, professional writing, science fiction, memoir, performance studies, postcolonial literature, women's literature, gender studies, and translation.

Mr. Ralph AdamoDr. Thaddeo K. BabiihaDr. Thomas Bonner
Dr. Violet Harrington BryanDr. Ronald DorrisDr. Donna Marie Gould, SBS
Dr. Nicole Pepinster GreeneDr. Oliver HennesseyMs. Katheryn Krotzer Laborde
             Dr. David G. LanoueDr. Bonnie NoonanDr. Biljana D. Obradovic
Dr. Robin RuniaMr. James H. ShadeDr. Jason Todd
Mr. Jeremy TumanDr. Robin VanderMr. Mark Whitaker

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