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Dr. David Lanoue
English Department Head
Administration 319B
Xavier University of Louisiana
New Orleans, LA 70125


Ms. Treschere Washington
Administrative Specialist
Administration 319A
Xavier University of Louisiana
New Orleans, LA 70125


Welcome to the English Department!

Xavier University of Louisiana

When you choose YOUR university, don't get lost in the crowd...
"The English department is small, so it is a very close-knit department. You get to become like family to one another. The relationship that is developed with you and your counselor is a personal one."
—Dominique Thomas (XU English Major)


A Versatile Degree Employers want workers who can read, analyze, write, and communicate. For this reason, English majors are in high demand in small businesses, large corporations, government service, and many other fields. English majors are especially well-prepared for careers in teaching (high school and college), law, and writing and publishing.


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