Division Of Education And Counseling

Curricula and Educational Outcomes

The Division of Education offers the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees leading to Louisiana teacher certification in grade levels: 1-5 (elementary), and 4-8 (middle school), as well as, in the areas of K-12 Art, K-12 Music, K-12  Languages (French and Spanish), Secondary Biology, Chemistry, English/English Education, Social Sciences (Social Studies), and Mathematics

The requirements of the Education programs consist of courses in general education, knowledge of the learner and the learning environment, methodology in teaching, and student teaching. Monitored and sequenced field experiences provide opportunities for the candidate to apply the theoretical framework in various classroom settings.

The program in Elementary Education (grades 1-5) prepares teacher candidates to understand and meet the needs of the elementary students. Courses such as methods of teaching elementary school, classroom management, and child psychology are designed to prepare teacher candidates to be competent professionals who possess the professional and technical knowledge and skills to assess, plan, develop, implement and evaluate an elementary curriculum that promotes student learning.

The program in Middle School Education (grades 4-8) prepares teacher candidates to understand and meet the needs of the young adolescent. Courses such as adolescent psychology and middle school teaching strategies are designed to prepare these teacher candidates to become competent professionals who can guide and facilitate classroom interactions to meet the learning needs of this diverse population of students. This program's content focus is Math & Science.

Division Of Education And Counseling