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Renee’ Akbar


Department Chair

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Library Resource Center , Room 511

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Division of Education


Xavier University of Louisiana


1 Drexel Dr .


Campus Box 59


New Orleans , LA 70125-1098

Renee Akbar, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Education


  • Florida A & M University, Tallahassee , Florida
  • Florida State University , Tallahassee , Florida

Courses Taught at Xavier:

  • EDCI 5800 Fast Track
  • EDUC 3040 Educational Psychology
  • EDUC 4060 Student Teaching
  • EDUC 4065 Student Teaching Seminar
  • EDST/EDCI Internship
  • EDCG 5090 Advanced Educational Psychology
  • EDUC 5372 Internship
  • EDUC 4300 Directed Projects in Education
  • EDAD 5110 Principals of Instructional Supervision
  • EDUC /PSYC 2025 Child Psychology
  • EDUC 2030 Children’s Literature
  • EDUC 4200 Multicultural Education
  • EDCI 5220 Growth/Development of Child & Adolescents
  • EDEC 2170 Child Growth & Development
  • EDEL 3020 Methods of Teaching Elementary School
  • EDEC 3060 Strategies/Techniques in Elementary School Mathematics
  • EDCI 5820 Advanced Children’s Literature
  • EDEC 3060B Strategies/Techniques for Elementary Mathematics
  • EDCI 5220 Human Growth and Development
  • MAT Internship


Ren ée Akbar has a B.S. in Elementary Education, a M.S. in Intercultural/International Development Education, a M.Ed. in Educational Leadership, and a Ph. D. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. Dr. Akbar has over twenty years of K-16 experience in teaching and administration. Dr. Akbar was honored as the Teacher of the Year at two schools in Florida because of her success with urban learners. As an assistant principal, Dr. Akbar wrote and managed a Florida Goals 2000 grant project entitled the Southside Academy of Mathematics, Science and Technology. The goal of the project was to increase the achievement and the enrollment of underrepresented students in mathematics and science in grades 4 through 8 at three elementary schools and one middle school. The grant project also allowed students to participate in summer camps that exposed them to various academic and career opportunities related to science, mathematics and technology and provided professional development opportunities to the teachers and administrators of these schools. As a Senior Program Specialist with the Southeast Eisenhower Consortium for Mathematics and Science Education @ SERVE, Dr. Akbar assisted the director with administrative tasks and coordinated several projects. Dr. Akbar has provided professional development, technical assistance and consultative services to teachers, administrators, and parents nationally, and within the southeast region. Currently, Dr. Akbar is employed at Xavier University of Louisiana as an assistant professor and Chair of the Division of Education.


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