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Admission and Retention

Standards and Procedures for Admission to and Retention in the Teacher Education Program

Upon admission to the University, all students declaring a major in the Division of Education must register with the chairperson. Admission to the University or registration with the Division as a major does not constitute acceptance into the Teacher Education Program. Students who transfer from other departments must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.3 and must have a grade of 'ÄúC'Äù or better in each course taken.

During the second semester of the sophomore year, every student seeking formal admission into the Teacher Education Program must complete the following criteria:

Criteria for Admission to the Teacher Education Program (TEP)

  • Achievement of at least a 2.5 cumulative average in all coursework.
  • Achievement of at least a "C" grade in every course listed in the student's program of study.
  • Completion of all developmental work.
  • Achievement of passing scores on all parts of Praxis I.
  • Membership in a professional organization specific to education (e.g., LAE/SP)
  • Achievement of a satisfactory rating on an interview with the Teacher Education Admissions Committee.
  • Satisfactory review of a professional development portfolio.

Students who are not initially admitted to the TEP may reapply for admission the next semester. However, applications from students who have been denied admission to the program twice will not be accepted.

Also, students who do not get admitted into the TEP may not take junior- and senior-level education courses according to Louisiana's legal regulations for education majors.

Criteria for Retention in the Teacher Education Program

Students are eligible to continue their programs provided they meet the following strictly enforced criteria:

  • Maintain a minimum 2.5 cumulative average for all coursework.
  • Receive grades of "C" or above in education courses or specialized academic courses required by the university and the state for teacher certification; and,
  • Are not placed on academic probation for two consecutive terms.

Student Teaching--Standards and Admission Procedures

Eligibility Requirements for Student Teaching

  • Formal acceptance into the Teacher Education Program.
  • No grades below "C" in any core, professional, specialized academic (or content course for secondary majors), or other courses required by the University program of study or Louisiana Department of Education for graduation or teacher certification.
  • Completion of a minimum of 95 semester hours (senior standing) in a prescribed program of study with a cumulative average of 2.5 in all course work and 2.5 in courses in the major teaching field and professional education.
  • Successful completion of all courses as stated in the student's program of study.
  • Passing scores on all parts of the PRAXIS appropriate to the major. Praxis II: Principles of Learning and Teaching for Elementary, Secondary, and K-12 programs

Registration for Student Teaching

The applicant should file an application with the Coordinator of Student Teaching after securing proper clearance from his or her departmental advisor(s) and the registrar's office. The deadline for submission of this application is the pre-registration period one full semester prior to the semester in which the student plans to do student teaching.

Teacher Education Graduation and Teacher Certification Policies

Education majors 1-5, 4-8 and secondary majors must successfully pass all required parts of the Praxis I and Praxis II: Principles of Learning and Teaching and required test including the Subject Area Tests by the semester prior to student teaching.(Successful completion of PRAXIS constitutes passage of the senior comprehensive examination).

In order to graduate as teacher education majors and to obtain teacher certification, students must:

  • Achieve a 2.5 cumulative average for all coursework taken,
  • Not earn any grade below a "C", and
  • Pass all parts of the Praxis prior to student teaching.

Membership in a Professional Organization

The Division of Education also requires that students be members of at least one professional organization by their junior year and continue membership through the semester in which they student teach.

Teaching Certificates

Application for a Louisiana teaching certificate is made in the Division of Education Office.

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