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Amy Bellone Hite, PhD
Associate Professor and Head


Ernest N. Morial Professor in Public Policy / Assistant Professor of Sociology


Ph.D. University of New Orleans
Urban Studies, 1999
M.S. University of New Orleans
Urban Studies, 1979
B.A. Loyola University
Political Science, 1976


Introduction to Sociology (SOCI 1010)
Social Problems (SOCI 2010)
Political Sociology (SOCI 3020)
Social Policy (SOCI 3100)
African American Urban Life (SOCI 3025/AADS 3025)


Analysis of Social Change
African American Urban History
Public Opinion Research


Silas Lee’s research initiatives have include measuring and analyzing the local and national opinions of citizens about social, political and demographic trends and issues. He has served as a consultant to numerous businesses, governmental agencies, and public and private corporations to incorporate a social analysis of the perceptions and trends in urban America for strategic planning. Aside from providing consultation and analysis to numerous political candidates, opinion makers, corporations and agencies, Lee’s polls and research have been cited by print and electronic media in over 600 publications worldwide.

One of Silas Lee’s primary teaching goals is to prepare students for the application of sociological theories to contemporary social trends and issues. By incorporating diverse teaching methods to the learning process, students are able to appreciate the multiple dimensions of sociology in life and society.


Lee, Silas H. 2013. “A Haunted City: The Social and Economic Status of African Americans and Whites in New Orleans 1983-2003” Unpublished manuscript.

Lee, Silas H. 2012. “The Fight for Equality Never Ends.” In Haternation: How Incivility and Racism are Dividing Us, edited by Neil Foote. Smashwords ebook: smashwords.com.

Sophia Nelson. 2011. Black Woman Redefined: Dispelling Myths and Discovering Fulfillment in the Age of Michelle Obama. Dallas: BenBella Books Inc.

Research and polling for book by Silas H. Lee

Waddell, Jasmine, Silas Lee and Breonne DeDecker. 2011. “Interracial Alliance Building in a Resilient New Orleans.” Pp. 235-245 in Resilience and Opportunity: Lessons from the U.S. Gulf Coast after Katrina and Rita, edited by Amy Liu, Roland V. Anglin, Richard Mizelle, Jr., and Allison Plyer. Washington, D.C.: Brookings Institution Press.

Lee, Silas H. 2006. “Who's Going to Take the Weight? African Americans and Civic Engagement in the 21st Century.” Pp. 185-192in The State of Black America 2007: Portrait of the Black Male, edited by Stephanie Jones. Produced by the National Urban League and published by Beckham Publications Group.

Lee, Silas H. 2001. “Case for Affirmative Action Must Be Made Stronger.” Women's Enews, 29 August. womensenews.org.

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500 Xavier South
Direct Line: 504-520-5420
Email Address: slee@xula.edu