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Dr. Pamela Waldron-Moore
Department Head

Political Science Minors

Minor in Political Science

Minors must complete 18 hours of political science, including Political Science 1010. No more than three hours may be taken in independent study courses and internships (PSCI 4903, 4913, 4953, 4963). Non- majors must have PSCI 1020 or 2040 as a prerequisite for advanced courses, but this requirement may be waived by the department chairperson.

Minor in Pre-Law

The minor in pre-law consists of specialized courses within the Political Science program of study. This minor is available to non-Political Science majors who are considering entrance into the legal profession, including law school, criminal justice programs, public service, and political office.

The Minor in pre-law requires 18 hours in the following courses: PSCI 2120, Judicial Process; PSCI 2100, Law, Politics and Society; PSCI 3133, Mock Trial and Debate; PSCI 2060, International Law and Politics; PSCI 3100, Constitutional Law; PSCI 3110, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, and PSCI 4963, Legal Internship.

Minor in International Affairs

The minor in International Affairs prepares students for careers in the international arena. This program of study specifically prepares students for:

  • Careers in government service, particularly the Foreign Service of the United States, the Department of State, or any of the various federal agencies, which function in the international arena.
  • Careers in international business in the private sector.
  • Careers in the international civil service, serving with intergovernmental organizations, such as the United Nations, as well as with private international nongovernmental organizations.

The Minor in International Affairs requires 18 hours in the following courses: PSCI 2040, International Relations; PSCI 2060, International Law and Politics; PSCI 3040, International Organization; PSCI 3640, American Foreign Policy; PSCI 4100, International Political Economy; and PSCI 4640, Politics of Developing Nations. Of these, PSCI 2040, PSCI 4100 and PSCI 4640 are required. The remaining nine hours may be taken as electives from the courses listed above as well as from the other international courses offered in the department, namely PSCI 3240, 4050, and 4953/4956. Further, it is recommended that students pursuing a Minor in International Affairs also take a course in Economics, twelve (12) credit hours in a foreign language, and participate in a Study Abroad program for at least one semester.

Minor in Public Administration

The Public Administration minor consists of specialized Public Administration courses within the Political Science program of study. Such a minor can be used to complement majors in fields such as Business, Sociology, Education, History, Communications, Psychology, and allied health fields. Thus it offers majors in the liberal arts and humanities an opportunity to enhance their employability.

The Public Administration minor consists of 18 hours in courses pertaining to public administration, of which PADM 2050, 3370, 3500 or 3510, 4530, and 4953 are required. In addition, no more than three hours may be taken in independent study courses (such as PADM 4903 or 4913).

Minor in International Studies

See Interdisciplinary Minors.

Recommended Pre-Law Preparation for Political Science Majors

In its Pre-Law Handbook, the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) does not recommend a particular course of study for the pre-law student. Rather it encourages students to pursue a broadly-based program that trains them to understand the variety of ideas, forces, and institutions that have shaped society.

The Pre-Law advisor does, however, suggest specific courses which pre-law students may find helpful. Thus, Pre-Law preparation for political science majors consists of an individually tailored program based on faculty suggestions. It is recommended that a student use his/her Core Curriculum requirements, minor, and free electives to take courses from among the following courses. Writing, critical thinking and logical reasoning are enhanced through: 1) English 2020, 3275, or 3400, 2) History 3001, and 3) Philosophy 2040, 3190, or 3260. Within the major, Political Science 2100, 3100, 3250 or 3270 are suggested.

Pre-Law students eligible for honors English and History courses are strongly advised to take advantage of these opportunities.

See also the Political Science Accelerated "Pre-Law" Program described immediately after the general program discussed below.