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Department of Political Science

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Dr. Pamela Waldron-Moore
Department Head

Political Science Courses

PSCI 1010. Introduction to Political Science - This course introduces students to the fundamental concepts and principles of political life, including focus on institutions, policy. comparative perspectives and international relations. Prerequisite(s): None.(3, fa/sp/su, Exp)

PSCI 1020. American Government - Issues of American politics, including the Constitution, federalism, interest groups, political parties and elections, presidency, congress, courts, the Bill of Rights, and political equality. Prerequisite(s): None (3, fa/sp/su)

PSCI 2010. Research Methods - Origin of the discipline of political science and the understanding of the scientific method as it relates to the discipline. Research approaches and techniques in contemporary political science. Prerequisite: completion of all developmental mathematics requirements. (3, fa)

PSCI 2040. International Relations - Basic orientation to study of international politics, objectives of nations' foreign policy, patterns of interaction among nations, organizations, and non-state actors in the contemporary world, stressing the nature and sources of international conflict. Prerequisite(s): None(3, fa, ESS)

PSCI 2050. (PADM 2050) Introduction to Public Policy and Administration - Introduction to concepts, processes and methods involved in the administration of public agencies, including a survey of approaches used in the study of public administration. Prerequisite(s): None(3, sp, EXP)

PSCI 2060. International Law and Politics - An examination of the nature and role of international law. Reviews the effects and limitations international law has on the actions and policies of nation-states in contemporary world politics. Prerequisite(s): None(3, EXP)

PSCI 2100. Law, Politics, and Society - An introduction to the ways in which legal, political, and societal institutions interact and are interdependent. Particular attention is paid to the structures of legal institutions and the impact those structures have on the communities they oversee. Prerequisite(s): None(3, sp, EXP)

PSCI 2120. Judicial Process - An examination of the major participants (lawyers, judges, juries, interest groups) in the court system and the structure and rules in criminal and civil trial and appellate proceedings. Prerequisite(s): None (3, fa)

PSCI 2240. Politics of Gender and Sexuality -- This course examines gender and sexuality as political identities. It will address the impact of gender and sexuality on individual political behavior as well as the impact of political movements on these political identities. In addition, the course will address how governments and the political arena define gender and its relationship to sexuality. Prerequisite(s): None(3, EXP)

PSCI 2410. Public Opinion and Voting Behavior - This course will examine the formation and dynamics of public opinion through political socialization and public opinion influences on political participation. Prerequisite(s): PSCI 1020(3, fa)

PSCI 2440 (AADS 2440). Black Politics - Basic approaches to the study of Black politics. An examination of Black politics and its influence on the political system, social movements, and racialized political participation.

Prerequisite(s): None(3, fa/su)

PSCI 2511. Quantitative Analysis - A survey of introductory statistics examining both descriptive and inferential statistical processes. Prerequisite: completion of all developmental mathematics requirements and PSCI 2010. (3, sp)

PSCI 3010. Comparative Politics - Survey of different types of political systems and cross-national study of government and politics of some major nations in Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America. Prerequisite(s): PSCI 1020(3, sp, EXP)

PSCI 3100. Constitutional Law - Development of the American Constitution as reflected in decisions of the Supreme Court, focus on powers of the three branches of government and the relationship of national government to states. Recommended for pre-law students. Prerequisite(s): None(3, fa)

PSCI 3110. Civil Rights and Civil Liberties - Personal liberties under the Bill of Rights (such as freedom of speech, press, etc.) and the Fourteenth Amendment (due process, equal protection) as reflected in decisions of the Supreme Court. Recommended for pre-law students. Prerequisite(s): None.(3, sp, EXP)

PSCI 3133. (SPCM 3133) Mock Trial and Debate - An introduction to the techniques of argumentation and debate applied to trial courts and the judicial process. Prerequisite: CMST 1010. (3, sp)

PSCI 3240. Political Psychology - It will include a survey of psychological influences on political behavior, socialization and leadership styles. Prerequisites: PSCI 1010, PSYC 1010 or permission of the instructor. (3)

PSCI 3250. Political Thought - An introduction to political theory ranging from the ancient Greeks to contemporary political thinkers. The course emphasizes how classic and contemporary approaches to political thought matter for examining today's political controversies

such as extreme economic inequality and the oppression of minorities.  (3, fa, EXP)

PSCI 3360. (PADM 3360) Public Policy and Administration -. Development and content of public policy in the political system, identifying processes linking citizen demands and government action and ways in which minorities might cope with and alter policy to serve their interests. Prerequisite(s): None(3, EXP)

PSCI 3380. Presidency and Congress - Analysis of the structure of the American presidency and congress as PSCI 1020.(3)

PSCI 3400. Urban Politics - Processes and structures of urban politics considered in core city and metropolitan contexts, stressing impacts of urban politics and distribution of power and responses of citizens to effect changes in society. Prerequisite(s): None(3, EXP)

PSCI 3460. Political Parties -. Development, organization, and influence of political parties. Prerequisite(s): None.(3)

PSCI 4050 (AADS N4050). African Politics and Government - This course provides a comprehensive examination of the role of political leadership on the development of independent Black Africa with special emphasis on the influence of leading personalities, social movements, and African ideologies. Prerequisite(s): None(3, EXP)

PSCI 4100. International Political Economy - This course focuses on the historical, theoretical, and contemporary perspectives of international political economy with attention to changing global patterns and the relationship between and among economics, politics, and security. Prerequisite(s): None.  (3, fa, EXP)

PSCI 4640. The Politics of Developing Nations - Types of political systems found in contemporary Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America, and a survey of government and politics in developing nations. Prerequisite(s): None(3, sp)

PSCI 4911, 4912, 4913. Independent Research - Research project on topic agreed upon by student, instructor, and chairperson. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor and chairperson. (1, 2, 3)

PSCI 4930S. Special Topics Seminar - Critical analysis and exploration of issues in politics and political inquiry through discussions of reports and research studies. Topics vary according to the interests of department faculty and majors. Possible topics may be Black Political Organizations, New Orleans Politics, Politics of Education, and Women and Politics. Prerequisite: PSCI 1010 and permission of chairperson. (3)

PSCI 4953/4956. Politics (local and international) Internship - Placement with an elected official, public agency, "quasi-public" sector-related agency or consular agency under field supervisor. Student prepares written analysis of his/her experience in relation to theoretical concepts studied in courses. Student reports to field assignment rather than having classes, assignments, and examinations; the formal class meeting is a conference period with the instructor at one- or two-week intervals as scheduled. Graded on Pass/Fail basis. Prerequisite: written permission of instructor and department chairperson. (3 for 10 hrs/week field assignment; 6 for 20 hrs/week field assignment)

PSCI 4963/4966. Legal Internship - Placement with a law office or judicial agency under field supervisor. Student prepares written analysis of his/her experience in relating the internship experience to literature in the field and meets with the instructor at two-week intervals as scheduled. Graded on Pass/Fail basis. Prerequisite: written permission of instructor and department chairperson. (3 for 10 hrs/week field assignment / 6 for 20 hrs/week field assignment)

PSCI 4999. Senior Comprehensive Examination - Required of all students in the major. The two-tier exam tests majors on general topics covered during the course of their study in the department. The exam consists of 1) a one-hour objective test produced by faculty within the department and 2) a two-hour exam in political science prepared by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). Prerequisite: Seniors must register for the exam in their final year. (0).