About Us

Since 1925, when Xavier University was founded, it has accepted the sacred privilege and social responsibility of preparing well-qualified teachers for public and private elementary and secondary schools. The University continues to train future teachers, leaders, and counselors who possess a deep sense of social and civic responsibility, who are liberally educated and who possess the philosophical principles, and the professional character essential to their vocation and career. The goal of the Division of Education & Counseling is the development of reflective professionals who are collaborative change agents toward a more just and humane society.

Core Values

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The Division infuses all curricula with understanding that recognize and develop the gifts and rich heritage each person brings to the respective program. The Division identifies three constructs: spirituality, diversity, and innovation that undergird its core values. Through a process of reflection the core values are continuously related to one another and to the goals of the Division.


An innate dimension of the human person from which an individual derives an ability to form relationships (with God, the human community and all of creation), values and perceived meaning of human life and experience.


The commitment to awareness and knowledge about human dispositions that leads to more respectful just and human interactions.


A balance of systematic freedom necessary to discover and develop ideas to create a just and humane society.