Dual Degree Engineering Program

Overview of the Program

The Department of Physics & Dual Degree Engineering Program at Xavier University is an integrated program that allows students to attain a dual degree in Physics and Engineering. Students take three years of basic science, mathematics, engineering, and liberal arts courses before transferring to an Engineering School of their choice to complete training in a specialized area of engineering. It is expected that students will, with normal course loads, be able to complete their undergraduate training in about two years at the Engineering School.

Benefits of the Program

The Dual Degree Engineering Program's greatest benefit is that it offers students the best of both worlds:

  • At Xavier University of Louisiana, students enjoy small classes and personal attention from faculty, helping them to thrive in demanding science, mathematics, and general education courses. Their humanities foundation gives them strong critical thinking, problem-solving, writing, and communications skills.
  • The program is flexible, allowing students to explore a variety of disciplines through coursework and to choose majors that reflect their interests.
  • extra time to pursue other academic, athletic, or extracurricular interests.
  • Opportunity to complete degrees in two diverse areas.

Participating Schools

Xavier currently has agreements with the following Engineering Schools: Georgia Institute of Technology, Louisiana State University, North Carolina A&T State University, Notre-Dame University, Southern University at Baton Rouge, Tulane University, University of Detroit Mercy, University of New Orleans, and University of Wisconsin-Madison. Many more agreements are in working.

These agreements do not, however, preclude students from choosing and attending other

Engineering Schools. Students in the Dual Degree Program should submit the application for a degree from Xavier at least one semester prior to their graduation from the Engineering school.

Advising, Support, and Cooperation

The Dual Degree Engineering Program director works closely with the departmental advisor for respective majors to create integrated academic schedules that best serve the students. The Dual Degree Engineering curriculum consists of a number of curriculum options. For more information about these options, students should consult with the Director of the Engineering Program.

For more information, contact:
Dr. Anderson Sunda-Meya
Director, Dual Degree Engineering Program
Xavier University of Louisiana
231 Norman C. Francis Building
(504) 520-5107

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