Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the Dual-Degree Program?
The students in the dual-degree program attend Xavier for 3 years and then transfer to an engineering school where they attend another 2 years (thus often referred to as a 3/2 program). Afterwards, they receive a Bachelor's degree from Xavier and second Bachelor's degree from the engineering school. This assumes that the courses you took at Xavier count towards your engineering degree and vice versa. Please keep reading...
  • What Bachelor's degree will I get from Xavier?
That depends on the type of engineering degree you are pursuing but is largely your choice, from Physics, Chemistry, Biology, or Computer Science. Generally, chemical engineering goes with a chemistry degree, bio-engineering with biology, computer engineering with computer science, and all others (e.g. civil, mechanical & electrical engineering) with physics. You may also have the option of choosing between a B.S. or a B.A.
  • What Bachelor's degree will I get from the engineering school?
Whatever field you choose to pursue at that school.
  • Which engineering school(s) can I transfer to?
Any school you choose. The Xavier Dual-Degree Program has agreements with several prestigious engineering schools that greatly help in facilitating the transfer, but you are not limited to those. In any case, you will have to meet the admissions requirements and cover your tuition. An up-to-date list of partner schools should be available on the web site but is definitely available from the program office.
  • Why should I pick an engineering school Xavier has an agreement with?
For you to actually complete the 3/2 program in 5 years, each school must accept the courses you took at the other school towards the respective degree. So the courses you take in your 3 years at Xavier have to count towards 2 years worth of required courses at the engineering school, and the other way around. Otherwise, you will either spend extra time at the engineering school to get your engineering degree, or you might forfeit the Xavier degree because you do not have the required courses. Ensuring this works is a good bit of work, as each school has to be asked to review the courses from the other school and rule them equivalent, which is not guaranteed. For the engineering schools that Xavier partners with (has an agreement with), this work has already been done and you are being promised that it works. In addition, many of our partner schools give preferential treatment to our transfer students, make admissions allowances, and may even earmark some scholarships.
  • I got accepted by an engineering school! Why should I enroll in the Dual-Degree Program at Xavier?
In that case, you might benefit from having a more gentle introduction into college life, as you would experience at Xavier, as opposed to the extremely demanding and rigorous engineering schools. You would give yourself a little more time to figure out exactly what you want to do with your life. Xavier also has different standards for scholarships than engineering schools do, so you might be able to save money by starting at Xavier. Besides, at Xavier you receive a valuable liberal arts education that is generally not available at engineering schools. Finally, you would receive two Bachelor's degrees, which makes you more valuable in the job market, often much more valuable.
  • I want to be an engineer, but did not get accepted by an engineering school. Why chose the Dual-Degree Program?
  • I have some other reason to attend Xavier. Why chose the Dual-Degree Program?
Often, our students do not meet the standards required by engineering schools, fresh out of highschool. At Xavier, we have an outstanding track record of not only preparing our students for the rigors and requirements of engineering schools, we provide many other benefits: a highly respected liberal arts education and a nurturing culture that helps freshmen adjust to college life, for example. By utilizing our 3/2 option, you would spend 5 years to get two degrees; if you get up to speed in a community college, for example, you would spend the same amount of time (or more) and only get the engineering degree, and that one would likely be from a school that is not as prestigious as our partner schools.
  • Why should I want to be an engineer at all? Don't physicians make all the money?
Actually, an engineering degree is probably the best education investment there is: with only a bachelor's degree, you can expect a starting salary well in excess of $50,000 per year, and there really is no upper limit. Also, medical school is very expensive, certainly more expensive than engineering school, likely resulting in loans that take many years to pay off. Finally, with very few exceptions, engineers are highly sought after and jobs are plentiful. Throw in the extra bachelor's degree from Xavier and you have the pick of careers!
  • You did not address my question at all!
That is completely unacceptable. Please get in touch with our office at once!
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