FOS - Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the Festival of Scholars?
The Festival of Scholars is a campus wide exhibition of the research done by Xavier students over the academic year.
2. When is the Festival?
The Festival of Scholars is held each spring. This coming year, (2015) the Festival is scheduled for April 16th and 17th.
3. Where?
The event is held on the second floor of the University Center.
4.  What is the timeline?
The Festival will begin at noon on Thursday April 16 with a pizza party (yes, free pizza!) and continues on until Friday evening. The event is usually over by about 4:00 Friday.
5.  Who can participate?
Any Xavier student can participate. The Center for Undergraduate research also welcomes exhibits and presentations from off campus students. And that includes area high school students. The Center also welcomes any and all collaborations between Xavier students and students and/or faculty from other institutions. This is a fairly open event. We welcome all comers.


1.  How can I get my poster printed?
The Center for Undergraduate research prints posters for free. It is, however, first-come, first-served, so get your poster requests in early. For more information, call the CUR office at x5066 or Dr. Kathleen Morgan in Chemistry at x5252.
All posters must conform to certain criteria (such as size, white-only background, etc.) so it is best to have your poster approved before you submit it.
2.  Will poster boards be available?
Yes. The Center for Undergraduate Research provides nearly 30 poster boards (both sides are available). We even provide the push pins.
3.  Is a particular poster board assigned to me, for my specific poster?
No. It’s first-come, first-served. Find a space that’s vacant, and put up your poster. There’s usually plenty of room.
4. When should I put up my poster?
You can put your poster up as early as Thursday morning, April 18. If that is not convenient, you can put up your poster at most anytime during the Festival.
5.  When should I take down my poster?
You should take down your poster at the end of the day your poster is scheduled to be displayed. If you do not, the CUR office will remove your poster and you can pick it up at the CUR office at any point after the Festival.
If there are a lot of participants, space becomes important and it is necessary to take down posters to make room for others.  But this is seldom a problem. Everyone gets their time to display their work.
6.  What are my responsibilities?
You should take the responsibility of putting up your poster, and then taking it down. You should also plan to spend at least one hour at your poster to explain your work to interested parties.  Most of this is done on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning.
Feel free to spend as much time at your poster as you like. CUR encourages the interaction and explanation. Keep in mind, no one knows more about your research than you.


1. How are presentations generated?
It is almost always the initiative of a faculty member to set up a presentation. Students more often than not present to a class—often end-of-semester research projects.
But FOS presentations are not limited to such classroom-style events. Often students (in collaboration with faculty advisors) register to present their research to anyone who will attend. These are often successful.
2. How will I know when my presentation is scheduled?
Once the registration has closed, the FOS committee will compile the Festival program and put it up on the CUR and FOS web sites. Your presentation and scheduled time should be included in that program. If you have any problems or conflicts, you should notify the CUR office as soon as possible.
2. Is there electronic equipment available (most notably for power point-style presentations)?
Yes. Each room will have a laptop, a projector, and a screen. Most students simply bring a flash drive and hook into the system.
3.  Is there internet access?
No.  Unless you are willing to use your own system to connect to the university’s wireless network
4. Can I bring my own laptop?
Yes. That’s particularly advisable if you use a Mac. Please note that Mac users should provide their own VGA adaptors to connect to the projector.
5. Can anyone attend these presentations?
Yes. CUR encourages outside participation.


1.  How do I register?
The FOS registration form will go up on the CUR web site (and on the FOS web site as well) at the beginning of the spring semester. You (all students and faculty) will be notified by email that the form is up.
Registration is simple. Just fill out a few fields.
2.  The form has a field for a faculty advisor. Do I need one and why?
Yes, you need one. All programs sponsored by the Center for Undergraduate Research require Xavier students to have a faculty advisor. This person will serve as your mentor, guide your work, and give you the research experience you need to enhance your educational experience.
3. How do I find an advisor?
You probably already have one. Most Xavier faculty members are involved in undergraduate research in one way or another. Last year, nearly 160 Xavier faculty members were involved, directly, in the Festival of Scholars as mentors and advisors. Just ask around.
4. Do I need to register again at the Festival?
Yes. We want to know you’re there. And we usually have a small (but worthwhile) gift for you. So drop by the registration table when you arrive.
If you have any questions, call the CUR office at x5066, or come by. We are located in Suite 308 in the new Academic and Student Health Resources Center.

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