How to Participate

All Xavier students, alumni, faculty, and staff are eligible to participate in intramural activities.  This includes all campus organizations recognized by Xavier University.  Varsity players may not participate in the sport in which they are lettering.


Team Play:  Teams will be charged a $35.00 Entry fee, which must be paid upon entering a team.  A $15.00 fee will be charged to a team for each forfeit and must be paid before next scheduled competition.


The dates to sign-up for each activity will be posted on the bulletin boards in the Student Center, Administration Building, and Gymnasium.  All interested persons are asked to notice these boards for Intramural News.  If you would like to be a manager of a team you may sign-up in the office of Intramurals.  An organization or team may sign-up by submitting a team list to the Director of Intramurals.  Individual players are put on a team through the draft system.


Xavier University is not responsible for any injuries incurred by participants while competing in intramural or extramural activities.  Each student is recommended to carry a Health Insurance Policy.  This can be obtained through the University's Health Center.


In all intramural activities, student officials are used to regulate play.  These officials are employed by the director of Intramurals through the College Work Program.  All persons interested in officiating should inquire about the position in the intramural sports office.


Intramurals at Xavier is aimed at enjoyment and it is expected that participants conduct themselves in a manner that will not impair the enjoyment of other participants.  Any persons ejected from an intramural game for unsportsmanlike conduct or flagrant abuse of an official or opponent is automatically suspended from the program.  Remember, intramurals is for fun and recreation, so let's keep it that way.

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