Insured Funds

Savings are insured up to $250,000 by the NCUA and loans up to $30,000 by CUNA.

Membership Requirements

Any Xavier University employee, retiree, or their immediate family and students are eligible for membership. A minimum $25 deposit is required.

Service Charge

A $10 service charge will be assessed for all withdrawals in excess of TWO per month.


The Current Rate is .50% per annum, payable quarterly.

Only active accounts over $50.00 earn dividends. Inactive accounts do not receive dividends. Dividends are declared and posted quarterly.

Inactive Accounts

All accounts that have been inactive for more than one year and have a balance of $50.00 or less will be removed from Share Balances and placed in a liability, in active account. These accounts do not earn dividends.

Signature Unsecured Personal Loans
                Maximum Amount:  $5,000
                Maximum Tern:  30 months
                Interest Rates:  from 8% to 14% depending on the borrower's credit score
                Repayment:  Payroll deduction
                Application Fee:  $15

Share Personal Loan
                 Maximum Amount:  $10,000
                 Maximum Tern:  30 months
                 Interest Rates:  4%
                 Repayment:  Payroll deduction
                 Application Fee:  $15

Car & Truck Loans
                 Maximum Amount:  $40,000
                 Maximum Tern:  48 months
                 Interest Rates:  5% to 7%, depending on credit score
                 Repayment:  Payroll deduction
                 Application Fee:  $20

Call 504.520.7640 for additional details.

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