Minor in Computer Science

The Computer Science major studies the art and the science of computing. The art of computer science includes web design, graphics, multimedia, software engineering, and many other creative courses. The science of computing includes the theory of computing, database, artificial intelligence, robotics,digital logic design, algorithms, operating systems, architecture, and of course programming. The Computer Science Department is committed to preparing students for either a career in a computing field or for graduate study.

To earn a Minor in Computer Science, a student must earn a total of 18 hours with a grade of "C" or better in CPSC 1710, CPSC 1720, CPSC 2120, CPSC 2730, CPSC 2740, and three hours in any 3000 or 4000-level CPSC course.

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Computer Science Minor Curriculum

Computer Science Minor Curriculum
Must Earn a "C" or better
First Semester   Second Semester
Hours Course   Course Hours
3 CPSC 1710 - Computer Science I   CPSC 1720 - Computer Science II 3
3 CPSC 2120 - Computer Org/Architecture   CPSC 2730 - Data Structures 3
3 CPSC 2740 - Software Development   CPSC 3000+ ELECTIVE 3
9   9