A BP STEM Summer Institute Program in Xavier's Computer Science Department

Xavier's Computer Science Department (CPSC) had a fun time in our CS: Exploring Computer Science at Xavier summer program. This summer's theme was "Computation is Important for Oil and Gas Exploration" and we had fun exploring geoscience challenges. We built and programmed Lego Mindstorm robots to search for oil; we created music and pictures to figure out how sound and images are used in the complex search for oil and natural gas; we had professional scientists as guest speakers; we took a field trip to a BP oil exploration center; and we had lots of competitions (and prizes) that showcased all we learned.

Our CS Program ran June 4th-15th, 2012 from 9:00-noon on the 5th floor of the NCF Science Building. All high school students (9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders) were welcome and it was all free. We had fun exploring science with top students, typical students, funny students, nervous students, those interested in science, those not sure if they're interested in science, and even those who think they're not interested in science.

Take a look at our brochure.

The best student work with Alice: Angelie D. and Jasmine J., Anthony T. and Maya S., Autumn W., Joseph T., and Tyler H..

The best student work with GarageBand: Amanda T., Lexis R., and Terrian S., Anthony T. and Siddesh P., Aspen R. and Trenton B., Christopher C., Etienne F., Orlando S., and Roy Y.

The best student work with iMovie. These m4v files are huge so be patient if you navigate to this page.

The best student work with Mindstorms. These mp4 files are huge so be patient if you navigate to this page.

Xavier's Computer Science Department (CPSC) continues to respond to the need to prepare more students for technology careers. Funded by BP America, Inc., CS: Exploring Computer Science at XU enriches the computation-specific studies of both college and high school students. Xavier undergraduate students, with prior instruction from the faculty, teach and mentor high school students through hands-on learning challenges in the computation sciences. This program is distinguished by its interactions of college students leading high school students through computational problem-solving tasks. This summer we have over 40 high school scholars. They are from the New Orleans metropolitan area and from Boutte, Laplace, Reserve, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas. We have lots of 9th graders, an equal number of 10th and 11th graders, and even some seniors. We have half as many females as males. We have African Americans, Asian Americans, and many other ethnicities. We have college students who are majoring in computer science, computer information systems, computer engineering, mathematics, physics, biology, and even mass communications.


Our Opening Meeting Video (6/04/2012)

Our two-week summer program began on Monday, 6/04/2012. Xavier college undergraduates worked the month before our opening to make our program the best it could be. This opening day video was created to showcase that work and to explain the work the high school students would do during our program. Enjoy our opening day video.


Our Closing Meeting Video (6/14/2012)

Our two-week summer program ended on Friday, 6/14/2012. The Xavier college undergraduates prepared this video to showcase their work and the work of the high school students. Enjoy our closing day video.


Thanks to BP Video (6/15/2012)

We were happy to have done good work but decided to prepare one last video to show our appreciation to BP, America Inc. Enjoy our thanks to BP video.


Alton P.
Amanda T.
Angelie D.
Anthony T.
Aspen R.
Autumn W.
Chad S.
Christian L.
Christopher C.
Christy M.
Denzel G.
DiJonai P.
Etienne F.
Jasmine J.
Jeffrey B.
Jeffrey J.
Jessica X.
Joseph T.
Kalen J.
Kamryn R.
Kayen O.
Keisha P.
Lexcia D.
Lexis R.
Malcolm J.
Malcolm P.
Marcus S.
Maya S.
Megan G.
Orlando S.
Ron W.
Roy Y.
Siddesh P.
Terrian S.
Tranika S.
Trenton B.
Trey H.
Tristen R.
Tyler H.

Adrian S.-T.
Ashley B.
Asia A.
Camille R.
Christopher B.
Emmanuel D.
Gavin B.
Gregory D.
Jamitha C.
Janique D.
Jasmine L.
Javonnah W.
Jazzma R.
Jonathan C.
Keith C.
Kendall S.
Michael T.
Nam N.
Nicholas H.
Nicholas S.
Ron S.
Ryan M.
Tia H.

Mr. Austin Orgah
Ms. Pamela Ridder