CS: Exploring Computer Science at Xavier Summer Program -- June 1st - 12th, 2015

This summer's theme is "Computer Science is multidimensional" and will be even better than in previous years. We'll have drones and mobile robots, 3D animation and programming, as well as music and movie-making. We'll have team challenges, pizza, and prizes.

Weekdays 9:00am - Noon, June 1st-12th, 2015, we're having another Computer Science summer program at Xavier University of Louisiana! It's still free, fun, and we're hoping you can join us again. We're looking for current 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th graders.

If you'd like to join us either contact Mr. Orgah (aaorgah@xula.edu, 504.520.5248) or take a look visit our applications instructions page for more information.

Check back periodically with us for updates via this site.


3rd Annual BP STEM Summer Institute Program -- June 2nd - 13th, 2014

Xavier's Computer Science Department (CPSC) continues to respond to the need to prepare more students for technology careers. Funded by BP America, Inc., CS: Exploring Computer Science at XU enriches the computation-specific studies of both college and high school students. Xavier undergraduate students (mentors), with prior instruction from the faculty, teach and mentor high school students through hands-on learning challenges in the computation sciences. This program is distinguished by its interactions of college students leading high school students through computational problem-solving tasks.

We had 70 high school scholars participate in this year's program. They hailed mostly from Louisiana and the surrounding cities but we also had scholars from Arizona, Georgia, Mississippi, and Texas. We had lots of 8th to 10th graders, an equal number of juniors and seniors at three. We had a 60:40 ratio of males to females and a diverse population that included: African Americans, Arab Americans, Asian Americans, Caucasians, Latin Americans, and other ethnicities. Admission into the program was FREE and contingent upon completing a required online application and health screening. Our college mentors are majors of: computer science, computer information systems, business/Finance, physics, biology, chemistry, pharmacy, and public health. We also had a recent graduate(May 2014) who majored in computer information systems and worked with the program as an Admin Mentor.

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2014 Program Highlights

2014 Challenge Areas

Mobile App Development (Android)

Using MIT's app Inventor App Inventor2, the scholars learned about software design and practices as they learned to create mobile applications for an Android device.

Best App - MP3 Player and Downloader

An app that allows the user to download and play MP3 files.

Note - This 'apk' file will only work for Android devices


The scholars learned to build and program Lego EV3 robots to simulate the tasks used to search for oil, avoid or overcome obstacles and also control the robots with a mobile app. They also competed in a 'capture and secure oil' challenge where they had to find the oil well and secure it from other oil explorers.

The Best - Find Oil Challenge

Walker.M, Tannard.D, and Murphy.M

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Digital Signal Processing

Using software from Apple's iLife suite, GarageBand and iMovie, the scholars learned to show how sound and visualization are used in the complex search for oil and natural gas. They created movies and music and illustrated their creative talents in different ways.

GarageBand - Best Song


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iMovie - Best Movie(BrandonS)

Super Friends:
Brandon.S, Jiar.M, Christian.H, Rommy.M, Blaine.T, and Simon.J

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Opening Day Video

The 2014 opening day video created by our mentors and shown on Monday June 2nd, 2014 highlights the different areas the scholars will explore computer science with us.

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Closing Day Video

The 2014 closing day video created by our mentors highlights the work and creativity of both the mentors and scholars during our program. The scholars actively participated in its creation. It brought to a close an exciting time with the scholars on Friday June 13th, 2014.

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View 2014 Mentors and Scholars here

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