Career Advancement

Some helpful information towards advancing your career as a major towards your journey beyond XU CPSC. The information on this page is meant as a guide towards your planning process. This information is by no means exhaustive!


Have a plan! Internship? Undergraduate Research? Job in industry? Graduate School? All these require you to market and portray your skill(s) and talent(s) and creating/updating your resumé is a great start! if you intend to find any internship, job in industry, research experience, or get accepted to a post-graduate institution, you will need all or most of the following:

* Sample CPSC Resumé [ .docx    pdf ]
* Register with XU Career Services
* Register with XU Graduate Placement Office [and register for the GRE if intending to pursue post-graduate studies]
* Decide on/Find an area of choice/interest to pursue post-graduate studies in
* Pick 5 schools of choice to apply to and begin the process
* Get letters of recommendation
* Get a rapport with Professors at prospective post-graduate institution

Finding a Job/Internship/REU

Creating/updating your resumé is a great start! View the sample CPSC resumé [ .docx  pdf ] as a guide.

Getting a Letter of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation is a VERY important piece of your career advancement be it an internship, undergraduate research experience, or a career in industry. It also requires considerable effort. Plan, time, and choose your recommendation writers carefully! DO NOT just stop your writer(instructor, supervisor, etc.) on his/her way to the bathroom to ask for a letter of recommendation. DO NOT procrastinate and importantly, give enough notice(time) as much as possible. The following are some tips: