Program Assessment

About Program Assessment in the College of Pharmacy (COP)

The mission of the Program Assessment Office (PAO) is to improve student learning and development by encouraging and facilitating regular assessment and evaluation activities in the College of Pharmacy.

The PAO is committed to working closely with all of its key stakeholders in an effort to achieve its mission. These stakeholders include administrators, faculty, staff, students, alumni, and preceptors.

The mission of the University and the College of Pharmacy will serve as the foundation for the assessment plan and its activities. The assessment data collected will be used by all stakeholders to make informed decisions regarding the quality and effectiveness of the program.

The PAO will also be responsible for providing guidance and resources during the curricular revision and the accreditation review process.

“To make assessment work, educators must be purposeful about the information they collect, and after data collection, examine and use the results to improve the program”

Palomba and Banta 1999

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