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Margarita Echeverri, Ph. D.
Assistant Professor
Educational Coordinator in Health Disparities, Cultural
Competence and Diversity

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Dr. Margarita Echeverri is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Clinical and Administrative Sciences (DCAS) and serves as the Educational Coordinator in Health Disparities, Cultural Diversity Competence, and Health Literacy in the Center for Minority Health and Health Disparities Research and Education at Xavier University of Louisiana College of Pharmacy.

Dr. Echeverri earned a Master of Science degree in Social Management at the University of Eafit, Medellin, Colombia, and received a Master of Science degree and a Doctor of Philosophy degree both in International Development at Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana. She is also a HumaNext Certified Facilitator in Diversity and Cross Cultural Competence, and in Creativity, Emotional Intelligence & Innovation at Work.

Prior to joining the faculty at Xavier, Dr. Echeverri had a joint position as Research Assistant Professor at Xavier and Tulane Universities. During this time she coordinated the NIH funded collaborative educational program on health disparities, cultural competence and diversity that Xavier and Tulane universities introduced across the curricula at their schools of pharmacy and medicine. Previously, Dr. Echeverri served as Coordinator of the Master in Information Management in the College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Dr. Echeverri is an instructor and course coordinator for Pharmacy Skills Lab I (PHCY 3041L), which is a health and social science informatics course required for first-year students; and also the coordinator of the Seminar (PHCY 5500), which is a case-based course to evaluate the health communications skills of graduating students. She also teaches health disparities, cultural diversity competence, health literacy and working with interpreters in Introduction to Pharmacy (PHCY3030), Behavioral Pharmacy and Communication (PHAD 4450), and Pharmacy Practice Lab (PCLN 4370L).

Her work has been presented in national and recognized conferences such as the AACP Institute; the DiversityRX National Conference; the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting; the NIH/NCI Minority Institution/Cancer Center Partnership Workshop; and the American Medical Association Commission to End Health Care Disparities (CEHCD). She also delivers faculty and preceptors development workshops at the national level and is one of the recipients of the 2011 AACP Rufus A. Lyman Award to the best paper published in the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education.

Currently, Dr. Echeverri is the Chair of the Xavier College of Pharmacy Diversity Committee and the Chair-Elect of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP), Minority Faculty Special Interest Group (MF-SIG). She is also the founder of the Health Disparities and Cultural Competence AACP-SIG and the Leader of the team undertaking the BEME systematic review 'ÄúEducational Interventions on Culturally Diverse Competent Care: Rationale, Content, Teaching Methods, and Measures of Effectiveness'Äù.


Dr. Echeverri's current research is focused on curricular and educational initiatives related to cultural competence; health literacy; language; and health disparities in health-related professions. This includes development and validation of assessment tools; development and assessment of inter-professional, international, and practical experiences; implementation and assessment of active learning and interactive strategies. Research is also focused on identification of factor related to cultural-diversity, health literacy and language influencing patients' health behaviors and decisions related to prevention and treatment of chronic diseases, as well as development of strategies to address main factors affecting communication and understanding among healthcare providers, patients, and researchers.
As an expert in information management, she is also interested on educational technology; health informatics; electronic health records, and eHealth.

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