Pharmacy Enrollment Management System (PEMS)


Preceptor Instructions

PEMS is the rotation management software system used by the College to track all pharmacy rotations and associated information. Preceptors will be able to use the system, via the Internet, to view rotations and complete evaluation forms. This information is intended to provide basic instructions for use of the system.

Once using PEMS, if you need further assistance, please contact the PEP Office at 504-520-7605


  • The web address for PEMS is
    Once you log on for the first time, you might want to bookmark the site for future use.
    • Your User ID is your first name and last name with a period between the   names, i.e. John.Doe.  There are no spaces.
    • Your password to log on for the first time will be Password (this is case sensitive).  You will be asked to change your password the first time you use the system. You may use any combination of numbers or letters and there is no minimum number of characters required. 
  • You are now using PEMS.  The first screen you see will be a message screen saying Welcome to PEMS Online.  This screen is used to send messages to various users. Upon closing this screen, you will be at the “Home Page” of the system which is called Affiliate Profile.  This page displays information on the preceptor such as addresses, etc.  From this location, you will be able to maintain your personal information, change your password, etc.  YOU CANNOT SEE ROTATION INFORMATION FROM THIS LOCATION. 

TO VIEW STUDENT ROTATION INFORMATION:  Click on the icon that says Rotations.  ALL ROTATION INFORMATION IS HERE.  From this location, you will be able to maintain your SITE information, view rotations, and complete evaluations.  

Rotations-Displays a list of all students assigned to that site. Note: There is an email link that will link you directly with the student's Xavier University email address. You may use this at any time to communicate with the student.

Evaluations-Preceptors are encouraged to use this system to evaluate students instead of using paper forms.  To complete a student evaluation, simply follow the same steps to view the student rotation information; then click on the “Evaluation” icon; then select “Mid” or “Final” for the individual student.  If you would like to view an evaluation from a previous rotation, then click on the student’s name and select “Mid” or “Final” for the individual rotation.

Sites-This allows you to switch between the information we have on the site versus the individual preceptor. 

Password - Used for changing passwords. You may do this anytime you choose and your password has no expiration date.

Home -takes you back to the Affiliate profile page from any location within the site

Forms and Documents-Contains miscellaneous forms related to rotations such as rotation manuals, student timesheets, etc. 

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