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Community Pharmacy Residency Program

The community pharmacy residency is a one year program designed to enhance current community pharmacy practice and to evaluate the effectiveness of a continuum of care in this setting. The program will allow the resident to incorporate and augment the skills necessary to provide direct patient care in a community pharmacy setting. In addition to providing services at the care center, as an added benefit, the resident will have the opportunity to work in several other community settings with various medically underserved populations in efforts to help eliminate health care disparities. The program will provide the resident with a wide range of activities to enhance teaching and management skills, conduct clinical research, and develop skills necessary to collaborate with health care providers to ultimately assume a clinical position in a community setting.


For additional information, please contact:
Janel Bailey Wheeler, RPh, Pharm.D.
Director, Community Pharmacy Residency Program
(504) 520-5369 office

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