College of Pharmacy

XUCOP - LSUHSC Pharmacy Practice Residency Program

The Pharmacy Practice Residency is a one-year program designed to provide the Resident with a very diverse training experience in the practice of Clinical Pharmacy.  Through the wide array of rotations that the program offers, the Resident develops a full skill set in the appropriate care and treatment of patients.  Through a review of best practices, recent clinical guidelines, and widely used treatment algorithms an experience in effective disease state management is gained.  Research, publications, posters, and presentations are encouraged and required.  Guidance in brainstorming ideas, proper outline writing, proper literature searching, and formal paper writing is received.  Through elective rotations, the resident has the ability to create a learning experience that is tailored to his own career objectives.  Upon completion, the Resident shall be able to effectively function in any clinical setting, including:  In-patient acute care (medical-surgical & critical care), ambulatory care, drug information, and academia.  Further upon completion, through coaching and mentoring, the Resident shall receive guidance in the development of post-residency goals.


For additional information, please contact:
Christopher Gillard, PharmD

College of Pharmacy