College of Pharmacy

Research Information

The College of Pharamcy values and encourages the scholarship of discovery, as well as all other forms of scholarship. As a result, a process must be in place to facilitate the generation of innovative ideas, concepts and proposals. The College of Pharmacy operates an office of research headed by the Director of Research. In addition, the Research Committee is a standing committee of the faculty that is responsible for this facilitation.

The responsibilities of the Research Committee are to: periodically review the research activities conducted in the College, disseminate research opportunities to both clinical and basic scienc faculty, serve as the contact committee with Colleges of shared common research interests, organize workshops on grantsmanship, advise the Dean on research matters within the College and participate in the review of grant-related research proposals on an as needed basis.

Research Committee Members

Dr. Tien Huang (Chairman)
Dr. Shashikant Phadtare
Dr. Tina Ogbuokiri
Dr. Thomas Wiese

College of Pharmacy