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Division of Clinical and Administrative Sciences (DCAS)

The Division of Clinical and Administrative Sciences (DCAS) is one of the two divisions in the College of Pharmacy. The Division has three sections, Acute Care Practices, Ambulatory Care Practices and Behavioral and Administrative Science.

The Acute Care Practices Section includes faculty practicing in most of the major hospitals in the Greater New Orleans Area. The faculty in this section provide life saving medication therapy management to the most acutely ill patients in our city. The members of this section are widely recognized as being some of the best practitioners in Louisiana and beyond.

The Ambulatory Care Practices Section includes faculty practicing in some of the most unique settings in the United States. The focus of this section is the provision of medication therapy management services to the underserved and disadvantaged. Many members of this section have developed services found nowhere else in response to the needs of our community.

The Behavioral and Administrative Sciences Section includes faculty with expertise in Health Care Communications, Health Economics and the Business of Health Care. In concert with the Center for Minority Health and Health Disparities Research and Education the members of this section pursue scholarship directed at elucidating the causes of and providing solutions to health disparities which disproportionately affect the African American community.

For further information about DCAS, please contact us at 504-520-7604

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