Educational Resources

Textbook online supplementary materials:

 (This site offers pronunciation drills, Chinese character stroke demonstrate, text videos)

Chinese display tutorial:

Chinese Input tool:

Google pinyin:

Online Chinese-English Dictionary:

  • also offers tools such as translation, writing practice, and flashcards.
  • two way word search with handwriting recognition as well as other Chinese learning resources.
  •  Mandarin-English Talking Dictionary with handwriting recognition input option

Free Apps:

  • Eudic (Chinese-English Dictionary) with handwriting recognition for iphone and ipad
  • Ktdict C-E (Chinese-English dictionary) for iphone and ipad
  • Chinese etymology (Chinese character history)
  • Free Chinese Essentials by AccelaStudy
  • iLearn Chinese Characters Lite: shows radical history, derived characters, and phrases
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