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Confucius Institute Open House and Xavier Teacher Workshops

We would like to invite local Mandarin teachers to attend a series of teaching workshops offered by the Division of Education at Xavier University of Louisiana and a Confucius Institute open house after the workshops on February 15, Saturday. You can view the books, videos, teaching tools, cultural event decorations and other resources that you may borrow in the future for your school. We would also discuss how Confucius Institute can provide support to help you teach Chinese and promote your profile at your school. If you are interested, please contact us ASAP as seats for the workshops are limited.  

Workshops info

CI Open House Info

Confucius Institute Starts China Club, Mahjong Club and Ping Pong Club

Confucius Institute is working on starting two student organizations, China Club and Ping Pong Club. The two organizations are intend to provide extra opportunities for students to practice their Mandarin and learn more about Chinese culture. The China Club will organize culture events, conduct Chinese culture projects, and many other China related activities. The Ping Pong Club will host pingpong competions on campus as well as go to tournaments in the community.

Confucius Institute is Exploring collaboration with Local K-12 schools on Promoting Chinese Language Teaching

Xavier Confucius Institute has been working with several K-12 schools on promoting Chinese language teaching. We are looking into getting native Chinese teacher from China through Hanban and establish Confucius Classrooms in local K-12 schools.







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